Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If these are Nomads....

When I think of nomads, typically I think of wandering folk, tending herds and living in yurts. However, "The Nomads of the Sea" gives a whole new meaning to the term. The Nomads of the Sea is a live aboard fly fishing mother ship that allows its anglers to access remote parts of Chilean Patagonia.
The Atmosphere has a steel hull, twin engines and twin propellers with variable pitch to be able to maneuver easily no matter the current or sea conditions. It also provides the ability to deploy the jet boats and/or our Bell 407 helicopter.

Our Mother Ship is reliable and possess unique characteristics that provide comfort to our guests. Among them we must point out our spectacular cabins and a Spa service that pampers the guests like no other. Like if this wasn't enough, the Atmosphere has developed a Chilean Cuisine menu that includes typical dishes in a modern and fresh way.
Perhaps the crew of the Nomad would be interested in having us join them on a trip so that we could write a proper review for our popular fly fishing website. We won't be holding our breath.

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