Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Tennessee Valley Angler

You have to think that a blog written by folks using the pen name's Hawgdaddy, Insane, and Drake deserves a look. The Tennessee Valley Angler is written by three North Alabama outdoorsmen and, as the title suggests, is all about fly fishing and bass fishing in the Tennessee Valley.
Our goal is to express our thoughts on fishing and the outdoors. You can also follow our progress in learning to create custom fishing rods, hand-tied flies, and bass lures. Eventually, we’d like to get into building bamboo fly rods, but that’s a ways down the road. All three of us grew up bass fishing on Lake Guntersville, and we still do that with conventional tackle on occasion. Of late we have all become interested in fly fishing, and we fly fish as much as possible, for bass and panfish locally and for trout at whatever location we have the money and time to visit.
Sounds like our sort of people. Accordingly, sidebar links have been added.

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