Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Greater Cotter Trout Fest - April 20-21 2007

This heads up comes from an alert commenter on our previous post about Paisley, Zugbug, and Garwood's recent trip to Arkansas to fish the White River.

"White River Lover said...
We'd love to see all you fisherfolks at the Great Cotter Trout Fest this weekend. It's the sixth annual fishing party at Cotter, Arkansas, Trout Capital USA! "

The Great Cotter Trout Fest will be held this weekend "under the Rainbow bridge in Cotter's Big Spring Park." Here is a link to the press release with all the details about the event.

We would attend but we have an appointment this weekend to match wits with a wild turkey. Most folks are putting their money on the turkey.

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