Monday, March 31, 2008

World Fly Fishing Championship Results

The World Fly Fishing Championships in New Zealand are complete with the top honors going to the Czech Republic team. Team USA placed 8th overall with North Carolinian, Josh Stephens ranking highest among the Americans by finishing in 2oth place individually. Congratulations to Josh!
Check out our video featuring Josh Stephens from one of the North Carolina Team practices.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Simms: Designs to combat invasives

Felt soles are considered by many anglers to be a piece of vital fishing equipment. Anyone who has ever tried to maintain their footing on a mountain stream bed covered in slippery rocks will agree that it is hard to beat felt for traction.

Now scientists are telling us that our soles may be causing problems for the environment in that they can harbor nasties like didymo or whirling disease and aid in their movement from watershed to watershed. Due to the fact that some biologists believe that the felt might be virtually impossible to clean, many areas are moving to ban them.

An recent press release from Simms Fishing Products via Pale Morning Media indicates that they recognize that this could be a turning point in wader and wading shoe design and that they are taking steps to make invasive species control a part of their business:

All of Simms’ waders – made in Simms’ exclusive U.S. manufacturing facility in Bozeman – are extra rugged and are DEET and saltwater resistant, providing exceptional strength and quality through the repeated washings necessary to battle aquatic hitchhikers.

“Many of the county’s outstanding recreational fisheries are under assault from aquatic invaders. Organisms like didymo (or “rock snot”), whirling disease and New Zealand mud snails threaten to alter forever some our most treasured fishing resources,” said K.C. Walsh, president of Simms. “Creating premium quality gear that makes it easier to care for the resources we all enjoy is a responsibility we take seriously.”

CleanStream™ is Simms’ way of melding modern fabrics and design to offer a comfortable, durable boot that is a snap to rinse and clean – and proper cleaning in the first step in stopping the spread of aquatic invaders.

AquaStealth® soles are made from high friction rubber designed to excel in and out of water. The, light sponge-like rubber provides added durability for hiking, and doesn’t absorb and hold water like a traditional felt sole.

Simms is a partner in the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers project sponsored by the U.S Coast Guard and the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service. For more information, log on to

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dude, Looks like you have a leak...

We sighted this awesome sculpture by David Phelps in downtown Knoxville, Tn. We were battered and bleary eyed after seven hours of a deposition so we failed to snap a camera phone pic. We found this one via

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Versus Country: Like the NCAA for Fish!

We got word of this a bit too late to fill out a bracket but our money is still on the Tarpon. Some lucky angler will get to fish with Tred Barta.

STAMFORD, Conn. (March 5, 2008) – VERSUS Country is once again on the quest to answer the most hotly debated question among sport fishermen since fish have been caught on rod and reel — pound-for-pound, what is the toughest gamefish? Will last year’s winner, the Tarpon, retain its title or will this second installment of Big Fish Madness determine a new champion successor?

The VERSUS Country panel of angling experts, including Tred Barta, Roland Martin, Bill Dance and Hank Parker, have narrowed the field by selecting the top 32 gamefish and seeded the fish in a bracket split into four regions. This year though, the ultimate decision for the toughest game fish will be chosen by the viewers, not the experts. Viewers can log on to to fill out a bracket with their selections up until March 21. Over the course of four nights, each gamefish in contention will be featured in some of the most spectacular fishing on television and Huntley Ritter, the host of The Huntley Way, will take viewers through each match-up, round-by-round until the field of 32 is down to just one champion.

For viewers filling out a bracket at, points will be awarded for each correct selection and tallied after each round with correct choices receiving incrementally more points as the rounds advance. Throughout Big Fish Madness, viewers can go to the website to see how their brackets are faring against other viewers. The viewer with the winning bracket will be announced on the last night of Big Fish Madness on April 4. The entrant with the highest point total will win the grand prize – a 2008 Nitro Z-6 Boat with Optimax Motor and Trailer, courtesy of BassPro Shops and Tracker Marine and the first place winner will receive an all-expense-paid fishing trip with Tred Barta. Other spectacular prizes for top point earners include: 42' Panasonic plasma TV's, iPods, Xbox 360 game consoles, a Bill Dance signature rod & reel package, among others.

“After a very successful first installment of Big Fish Madness we decided to bring it back for a second year with an exciting twist—this year, the viewers are the experts as they’ll be deciding which fish is the toughest,” said Jeff Macaluso, Director of Field Sports & New Media Programming & Production for VERSUS. “It’s a great way for our highly passionate anglers to engage interactively with the programming and to see how their opinions match-up against our expert’s for a chance to win great prizes.”


Thursday, March 27, 2008: Round 1 - Field Goes from 32-16

7:00 p.m. ET The Huntley Way
7:30 p.m. ET Hunt for Big Fish
8:00 p.m. ET Sport Fishing Magazine
8:30 p.m. ET The Best and Worst of Tred Barta

Friday, March 28, 2008: Round 2 - Field goes from 16-8

7:00 p.m. ET One More Cast
7:30 p.m. ET LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors
8:00 p.m. ET Hunt for Big Fish
8:30 p.m. ET City Limits Fishing- ALL NEW EPISODE
9:00 p.m. ET The Best and Worst of Tred Barta
9:30 p.m. ET Dollar Wise Fly - ALL NEW EPISODE
10:00 p.m. ET Saltwater Experience
10:30 p.m. ET The Bass Pros

Thursday, April 3, 2008: Round 3 - Field goes from 8 to 4

7:00 p.m. ET Escape to the Wild
7:30 p.m. ET The Best and Worst of Tred Barta
8:00 p.m. ET Sport Fishing Magazine
8:30 p.m. ET Hunt for Big Fish

Friday April 4, 2008: Semi-Finals and Championship

7:00 p.m. ET One More Cast
7:30 p.m. ET The Bass Pros
8:00 p.m. ET Hunt for Big Fish
8:30p.m. ET City Limits Fishing- ALL NEW EPISODE
9:00 p.m. ET Best & Worst of Tred Barta
9:30 p.m. ET Dollar Wise Fly - ALL NEW EPISODE
10:00 p.m. ET Saltwater Experience
10:30 p.m. ET Sport Fishing Magazine

VERSUS celebrates real competition in all its forms across all platforms (, VERSUS on Demand and VERSUS HD). Now in more than 74 million homes, the network is the national cable home of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well as best-in-class events such as The Tour de France, Davis Cup Tennis, the Professional Bull Riders (PBR), World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and Professional Boxing. The network also offers collegiate sports featuring nationally-ranked teams from top conferences such as the Pac-10, Big 12 and Mountain West. VERSUS features the best field sports programming on television and is a destination for sports fans, athletes and sportsmen to find exclusive, competitive events that audiences can't find elsewhere. VERSUS, a wholly owned company of Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA, CMCSK), is distributed via cable systems and satellite operators throughout the United States.

Road trip

The day job requires a road trip. Might as well make the bathroom breaks worthwhile.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Fly Fishing Video: Burl Productions - "Soulfish"

You might remember that we found out about Mikey Wier and Burl Productions while fishing the Florida Keys. When a guy who poles a flats boat 300+ days a year tells you that someone is "the real thing" in the world of fly fishing I take notice. Mikey Wier is just that guy.

I had reviewed and enjoyed his work on FishEye 3 Video Magazine so when I got an email from him asking if I would care to see what two years of his life's work looked like, I jumped at the chance. SoulFish arrived at the HQ a few days later and immediately found a home in the DVD Player.

SoulFish describes its self as one angler's search for the soul of fly fishing. At first glance I was skeptical about the possibility of success for any such venture. How could anyone, even someone as talented and devoted to the sport as Mikey Wier, capture the soul of something that has become an addiction to so many through out history?
The DVD takes the viewer through Mongolia, the Amazon, Belize, Christmas Island, Key West, Louisana, California and Utah. Along the way Mikey, and the folks he features, catch everything from Tarpon, Redfish, Permit, and Bonefish to the prehistoric Hucho Taimen.
As you might guess, there is enough fish porn and excellent music to qualify this as a card carrying member of the new fly fishing video movement. However, the part of the film that really brings out the soul of fly fishing comes in the form the people that Mikey meets and profiles along his journey. Icons of the sport like Lefty Kreh, Jack Dennis and Brian O'Keef make appearances, as do hard working guides like Captain Justin Rea of the Florida Keys and Andy Burk of the Reno Fly Shop. Youthful fly fishing prodigy, Loren Elliot who we met up with in Fish Eye 3 is here again, this time going for something few anglers manage to achieve in a long lifetime, a saltwater grand slam.
As you watch "SoulFish" the fact that the soul of fly fishing resides in the people who practice the sport becomes very clear. One scene from the film stands out in my mind and may be one that best typifies the "soul" of the sport and this films maker. Mikey Wier has just hooked a Taimen and broken his only fly rod. He is literally miles from the nearest civilization can see the fish of a lifetime swimming in the river in front of him. I won't spoil it for you but lets just say he doesn't let a broken rod stop him.
Burl Production's "SoulFish" is available from for $29.99 +1 cent and runs 90 minutes with 45 minutes of extras.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gear: Found in our mailbox today...

Survival Kit in a Sardine Can available from for $12.99. We have to say that our inner Les Stroud got the better of us when we came across these on the web. We can't help but picture ourselves marooned on a river bank with only this kit and our video camera. While not at all designed for long term abandonment having one of these in your fishing vest might make a night lost in the woods a bit more palatable.

You could of course make your own custom version with an Altoids tin and a few items from around the house but then you wouldn't get the satisfaction of opening the sardine tin before stitching yourself up with the enclosed fishing line.

The kit includes one of each of the following items: non-aspirin pain reliever, adhesive bandage, alcohol prep pad, antibiotic ointment, book of matches, compass, chewing gum, sugar, salt, energy nugget, duct tape, fire starter cube, first aid instructions, fish hook & line, note paper, pencil, razor blade, safety pin, reflective signal surface, tea bag, waterproof bag, whistle, and wire clip.

My one disappointment is that it only comes with one tootsie roll-like "energy nugget." I can already see myself having to employ the razor blade or safety pin to fight off my fishing buddies should food rationing become necessary.

Happy Easter!

An Easter egg from the website. Instructions for tying their McFly Foam Egg reside here.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Signs you won't be getting your boat rental deposit back...

Kevin Pieper Photo - The Baxter Bulletin

The Baxter Bulletin has more photos from the recent flooding on the White River including this one showing a trout dock having a chance meeting with a bridge. View the entire gallery here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gear: Panasonic SDR-SW20 Waterproof Camcorder

If only we had seen this before our birthday came and went we might have been able to ditch our day jobs and join up with the Flyfishing Film Tour tribe. The Panasonic SDR-SW20 Waterproof Camcorder sounds like something we could add to our gear bag.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Avant Moi Le Deluge: White River Flooding

My last trip to fish Arkansas' White River ended with a bout of gastric distress and having to flee our tents just ahead of hurricane Katrina. tailwater chief of staff, Jeff Paisley, contacted me today to advise that this year the floods have preceeded our early April visit to the area.
Thirty feet of River View Road on the North Fork of the White River has been washed away, blocking the evacuation route for an undetermined number of residents living in homes up the river, Hall said. Residents in the area also reported River View Drive was washed out and River Ridge Road was flooded.

Among the roads closed were: Baxter County Road 510 and 10 near Midway, County Road 806 in the Gamaliel area, County Road 63, County Road 65 in the Jordan area, County Road 72 at Plum Tree Lane and County Road 7 and County Road 1 in the Cotter area, said Baxter County Road & Bridge Superintendent Vernis Miller. County Road 39 was passable late Tuesday afternoon, but the water was deep and the road may close, he said.
We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and are keeping the residents of the area in our thoughts.
Dam photo by Jay Moore.

7 Million to Protect Wilson Creek from Development

The Charlotte Observer is reporting on an announcement by the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina that they have obtained a purchse contract on four miles of National Wild and Senic River, Wilson Creek.
Seven months ago, a Florida developer had planned to build 225 houses on the tract. Creek lovers responded with outrage.

Foothills, a land trust based in Morganton, and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission have until the end of 2009 to buy the tract for $7 million. They have applied for grants from two state trust funds.
Assuming the sale goes through, private land around the clear, frothing mountain creek will become state gamelands officially open to the public.

"It's sort of a sacred place," said Caldwell County commissioner Ron Beane, who helped lead efforts to win the 2000 Wild and Scenic designation. "That's how locals here think of it, because people have used it for so many years as a getaway."

Found in the Urban Wild

Or at least the local Marshalls.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

This Easter while we are all munching on chocolate bunnies and spiral sliced hams, the members of Fly Fishing Team, USA will be traveling to New Zealand to compete in the World Fly Fishing Championships. There will be nary a strike indicator nor split shot in the bunch. We will be watching the entire team but will be paying special attention to hometown fly fisher, Josh Stevens.
The FIPS-MOUCHE World Fly Fishing Championships are being held in the central North Island over Easter week with the opening on Easter Saturday. Nineteen fly fishing teams from around the world and four individual anglers representing a further four countries will gather in Rotorua to compete for team and individual championship titles. Some teams, including the US team, return after having spent time in January when the waters were still open to competitors, becoming familiar with the venues.

Shad Cam: Webcam Fishporn

The VDGIF Bosher Dam Shad Cam is up and running.

Secret Flies

If you were wondering how much competitive fly fishers guard their secret ties you should read this article in the London Free Press:
I've been fly fishing for 40 years and making my own flies for just as long, but when I see stuff like this, I'm blown away," he says.
The box, lined in black cloth, contains about 100 hand-tied flies, carefully aligned in slotted rows like earrings in a display case.
As Jeffries draws attention to the subtleties of the flies, a voice from the back of the fishing store booms: "Don't take any pictures of what's inside the box."
Chris Pfohl means it.
A member of the five-man Canadian national fly fishing team that will compete for Commonwealth supremacy in New Zealand next month, the Londoner made the flies and he's hoping they'll give him an edge.
By the way, we can't tell you who's box is pictured above or where they plan to fish it...we just can't do it...

Green is the new Black: Happy Saint Patty's Day

(photo courtesy Knowledge Seeker)
Cook up a batch of Irish Cured Trout.
Have some Bushmills or Guinness if you want to stay away from the hard stuff.
Sleep it off at the Brown Trout Inn.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gee you look familiar...

Via the Associated Press comes the following tale that can only be described as boy meets trout, boy releases (stocks) trout, boy catches trout again 25 years later. Trout was tasty.

In April 1983, Wengert and other state Game and Fish Department biologists stocked some 12,000 young trout in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest Wyoming.

Game and Fish spokeswoman Lucy Wold said Wengert was ice fishing recently on the 91-mile-long reservoir and caught a 23-inch Mackinaw trout, a type of lake trout.

Wengert noticed the trout's right pelvic fin had been clipped, indicating it was a hatchery fish that had been stocked. Examining historical stocking data, Wengert determined the fish was stocked on April 14, 1983.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2008 Changes to NC Fishing Rules

Anglers will have to wait another hour before kicking off the opening day on Hatchery Supported trout waters. Commissioners changed the time that trout fishing may begin on these stretches from 6 to 7 a.m. on the first Saturday in April.
In another rule change, kids will get the first cast when catch-and-keep season begins on Delayed Harvest waters like the North Mills, Little River and East Fork of the French Broad. Only youths under 16 years old can fish from 6 to 11:59 a.m. on the first Saturday in June on Delayed Harvest Waters.
That’s the day the waters convert to Hatchery Supported rules.
Finally, some anglers might have to put away the PowerBait.

Fly Fishing Film Tour - Charlotte

The Fly Fishing Film Tour hits Charlotte tomorrow at precisely the same time as the ACC Basketball Tournament. With ticket books to the tourney hitting close to two grand, the $15 admission for a night's entertainment at the film tour seems a major bargain. If you attend either event leave us your thoughts via the comment section.

Oh and for the record Go Heels!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spearfishing for Tarpon: You have got to be joking?

We are stunned.
This hit the blogosphere via Pete McDonald at Fishing Jones and comes from an alert posted on the Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited website. Apparently some folks in Louisiana are making sport of spear fishing for tarpon and bragging about it. Pete says it best in his post:
As tarpon aren’t regarded as table fare, the practice of spearfishing for them is pure blood sport. I have no problem with spear fishing if the fish targeted is to be eaten, in season, and within regulation, but to kill a fish like a tarpon just to kill it…

From the posting:

Even as the last tarpon ‘kill’ tournament in Florida changes over to an all-release format, and the Mexican fishery turns more toward catch and release, it appears that tarpon conservation is not a high priority in some areas. Indiscriminate and wasteful harvest of this important gamefish should no longer be allowed.

It is clear that there are significantly fewer tarpon around now than there were 30 years ago. And it is likely that the killing of tarpon by recreational (and commercial) fishermen of yesteryear contributed to tarpon population declines. This is the principal reason that Florida, Texas and other southeastern US states have severely restricted the harvest of tarpon.

The message boards begin to buzz...

Links to coverage via Midcurrent and Moldy Chum.

**UPDATE** see text from the spearfishing group's own message board.

Just recovering from yesterday, the first dive of the day I shot intoa 150+lb. Tarpon. He pulled me into a pipe and was pulling really hardwhen all of a sudden he put it into Hyper-Gear. I was like holdingback a crewboat with 2-12 cylinder deisels. I didn't let go and ithurt. The spring slide ring I've been using for 20 years that hasnever let me down, let me down this time. The fish straightened thespring out and got my spear. I came up with the rope and a brokenfinger, the tip of my little finger. So I decided I had enough oftarpon for the day.Wil and Mark both shot into big (well over 100lb. tarpon) only to lose them also.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In today's mail...

From Mikey Weir and Burl Productions comes Soulfish, a fresh reason to fire up the corporate screening room. Two years of fly fishing travels in DVD form. A proper review will follow shortly.
Our previous coverage of Mr. Wier's work.

Trout & Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food

You ever wonder why those dogs always seem to hang out in fly shops? Maybe they have had a taste of Flint River Trout and Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food.

Simms goes on a diet

One of the big issues I find myself having to deal with when traveling, is the sheer bulk you have to lug around when carrying standard waders and boots. Simms has taken the traveling anglers plight to heart and given their products a float plane (or for the less extreme among you- carry on bag) friendly trim down:
From a recent release from Simms Fishing Products:

Giving anglers an edge in all conditions, Simms’ Gore-Tex PacLite® waders and
jacket are paired with a dynamic synthetic boot

BOZEMAN, MONTANA – (for immediate release) - Designed for a generation of anglers who enjoy extra effort and big payoffs, Simms new Rivershed™ waders, jacket and boots reset the standard for rugged lightweight fishing gear.

Ideal for hiking into high mountain streams, bushwhacking to hidden ponds, and float plane adventures chasing big fish, the Rivershed™ Series is made for hard-chargers who need extreme wet weather performance … but know every ounce counts.

Simms Rivershed™ Waders ($299) are made in the USA with Gore-Tex Performance® Shell fabric. With articulated knees for less bulk and more comfort, 5-layer Gore-Tex® fabric in the front leg panel for increased durability and patented built-in Guide Model gravel guards, Rivershed Waders combine toughness and functionality. They’ll fold up to fit into a backpack and withstand a multi-mile march up a remote stream – all without weighing you down.

Athletic and comfortable, Simms Rivershed™ Wading Boots allow for superior maneuverability while hiking into the backcountry. At the same time, their full synthetic construction allows for easy cleaning and quick drying. Made from durable synthetic leather, the Rivershed boots have rubber coated ballistic nylon mesh panels and a dual-density thermoplastic midsole for durability. A molded toe box with a rubber cap and rubber rand protect the forefoot, while non-corrosive hardware and nylon laces cinch tight for hiking comfort. Available in felt soles ($139) or studded Aquastealth ($189).

Made for the wettest conditions, Simms Rivershed™ Wading Jacket ($279) is Simms’ lightest full-featured shell. Made with Gore-Tex PacLite®, this breathable-waterproof jacket comes with quick-drying microfleece handwarmer pockets, a patented built-in retractor, reinforced forceps tab and adjustable, breathable stretch cuffs: all of which will come in handy when you’re netting and releasing fish all day.

About Simms Fishing Products: Established in 1980, Simms Fishing Products is the recognized leader in guide-quality fishing waders, outerwear, footwear and apparel. If they don’t make it, you don’t need it. Simms’ world-renowned line of waders are manufactured in Bozeman, Montana. Their full line of gear is available at specialty and large format retailers nationwide. For more information on Simms, please visit

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stripers Forever on Striped Bass Stocks

Conservation organization Stripers Forever has taken issue with a recent Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission stock assessment for Atlantic Striped Bass that says things are peachy and no action is necessary.
This information appears designed to reassure the public that all is well with striped bass, but Stripers Forever believes an in depth review is warranted. Our concerns with the stock assessment center on the fluctuations that these statistics have had over the last five or six years, and what we perceive to be the determination by fishery managers to put a positive spin on striped bass stocks in spite of some serious negative indications.
A big issue is shrinkage in the numbers of large breeder females within the bass population
It isn’t the probable inaccuracy of the stock assessment that concerns us most. We recognize the extreme difficulty in making accurate and consistent stock assessments. At the Striped Bass Game Fish Symposium 2006, one of the panelists, a fishery Ph.D. and one-time Director of Marine Fisheries for a large southern state, told attendees that these stock assessments were accurate to no more than 50% in either direction and could be even farther off than that! What does bother us is the ASMFC’s lack of recognition that this fishery is slipping away, and that the recreational industry depends on high quality fishing for its vitality.
Read the entire article via

But they were still biting....

Via Earth Times:

Moscow - Forty rescuers in boats and helicopters turned out in a dramatic operation to rescue 758 anglers - many of them the worse for drink - from an ice floe in Russia's Far East Sunday. Civil defence officials coordinating what they said was the biggest such operation they had ever known expressed anger later over what they said was the anglers' stupidity.

The ice floe had broken off from an area of the island of Sakhalin, where the anglers - despite warnings of a thaw - had gone to pursue what is a favourite Russian sport.

When help arrived, many of them simply continued fishing until it was their turn to be taken from the ice - and hurled abuse at rescuers for not letting them take ice drills and other equipment with them.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

NCWRC Defines Artificial Lures

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has approved changes to fishing regulations that will in effect prohibit the use of scented "power" type baits on Delayed Harvest streams which are limited it fishing with artificial lures only.
Wildlife Commissioners also approved a fishing regulation, applying to public mountain trout waters, that defines natural bait as any living or dead organism or prepared substance designed to attract fish by taste or smell, while artificial lures are defined as bait that neither contains nor has been treated with any substance that attracts fish by the sense of taste or smell.

”This rule clarifies what kinds of lures are allowable when trout fishing on waters that require anglers to only use artificial lures,” Curry said. “With new attractant lures coming on the market every year and no definition of what comprised natural bait and artificial lures in the NC Statutes or regulation digest, anglers have had a lot of questions.
Stay tuned for more information on the regulation changes.

Row v. Wade on the Chattooga

Via comes more news on an ongoing battle between rafters, kayakers and anglers on the Chattooga River.

Kayakers say the U.S. Forest Service’s ban on the “steep creek” section prevents them from kayaking or canoeing on plunging drops, narrow chutes and Class IV-V rapids.
Anglers say the kayakers are the waterborne equivalent of ATVs, interfering with fishing and solitude. Hikers also want the ban left in place to help preserve the National Wild and Scenic River corridor.

Check out our previous coverage of this controversy here and here . Commentors have pointed out that 2/3rds of the river are already open to use by rafters and kayaks and also gave us the (Row v Wade) title.
Tip of the fishing hat to Bill Aucoin and his Aucoin report.

Orvis Supports Teton Creek Restoration

Kudos to the conservation minded Orvis Company who announced today that Friends of the Teton River will be receiving a challenge grant as part of their effort to restore Yellowstone cutthroat trout habitat on Teton Creek in Southern Idaho.
Orvis, which donates 5% of profits to conservation annually, involves their customers in conservation efforts by challenging them to meet a fundraising goal for selected projects. They hope to raise $30,000 for FTR's Teton Creek Restoration Project from individual donors. Orvis and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will match donor funds, dollar for dollar, tripling individual contributions toward a goal of $90,000.

In March and April, Orvis patrons can contribute to the project via a "Round Up for Conservation" campaign, featured on the Orvis website at Internet shoppers can choose to "round up" their Orvis purchase price to the next dollar, with the difference going directly to the Teton Creek Restoration Project.

"We're excited that a locally important spawning tributary for our native Yellowstone cutthroat trout is receiving national exposure and is a priority for a company as recognized as Orvis," stated FTR Development Director, Anna Lindstedt. She also noted that numerous stressors have contributed to the diminishing populations of Yellowstone cutthroat trout (YCT) in the region, including habitat degradation, nonnative competition, hybridization, and tributary dewatering.
Friends of the Teton River has already raised $320,000 of the 1.2 Million dollars that the restoration project is expected to cost.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Break out the twelve weights boys...

It seems South Carolina's Lizardman might be back.
"The whole front half of our van is chewed up. There are bite marks right through the front grill. Both sides of the van above the wheel wells were bitten and the metal is bent like a piece of paper." There is a local legend of the Lizard Man, one that locals swear by.
Dan Torjdman reports for WIStv that "the legend blows in with a brisk winter wind, sending chills through neighbors in Lee County."

I wouldn't be prowling around the Carolina's in a green suit anytime in the near future. We know how to deal with this sort of thing.

Tordjman reports that Rawson is armed with a Glock and "ready to shoot what he feels is most likely a bear. Lee County Sheriff E.J. Melvin says it could be a coyote, but then again, "All the scratch marks, people are saying, 'Sheriff, it's Lizard Man.' Don't know. It's hard to say."

In honor of the scaled green one's return to the limelight we bring you's Tuesday Lizard Links:

Perhaps you might use it while fishing the waters off Lizard Island.
Check out this chapter from Richard Louv's book "Fly Fishing for Sharks" titled "Fish Eyes and Lizard Legs".
Had enough? Try a Lounge Lizard Cocktail as described on the FlyBC message board.
- 2 ounces of Cuban Rum (any dark rum will do)
-1 ounce of Amaretto.
-Amount of coke (cola) you desire.
- mix with ice cubes

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Found in the urban wild: Fish Foam

"I've used FISH at our office and our home. Nothing but praise from me. " - Garland, TX

Capt. John Kumiski: Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report from Spotted Tail 3/3/08

Upcoming Events:

-On March 30 I’ll be giving a program on Fishing Opportunities on Florida’s Space Coast at the FFF Flyfishing Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

Dumb Ideas Dept : NASA is considering putting a commercial launch pad on the west shoreline of the Mosquito Lagoon, in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, about in the middle of what is now the Bio Lab Road. See the official information at this link:

Locally, the idea hasn’t gone over too well with fishermen and birders. It would result in the closing of the southern half of the Mosquito Lagoon to all entry, from the Haulover Canal south. If this were the only site available that would be one thing, but the Canaveral Air Force Station is littered with old, no longer used launch pads, many of which could be adapted for the use of the commercial launch area. NASA evidently is unwilling to ask the Air Force for permission to do this.

I adapted a letter I got from Doug Olander and forwarded it on to Mario Busacca at this email address: See my letter here: Please feel free to copy/adapt it as you need. Please send it along to Mr. Busacca and let him know what you think of NASA’s idea.

A Plausible Explanation for River Rage

Due to a major honey-do that took me four days to complete, the only day I fished this week was Friday. I was supposed to fish with TC Howard but he had to cancel at the last minute. I ended up taking a kayak, alone, out of River Breeze on Friday morning.

It was about 60 degrees, the sun was out, and there was a breeze of about 12 mph out of the east, just a beautiful Florida winter morning.

The water was REAL low. I literally had to drag the kayak much of the way into the pond that I ended up in, wrapping the painter around my waist to better pull the boat over the mud. I didn’t know what to expect, and was surprised and delighted to find a pair of fish tailing less than five minutes after getting there.

My first cast (with a squirrel tail slider) landed about three feet away from them. One of the fish bolted and I thought he had spooked. What actually happened was that he heard the fly hit the water and rushed over and ate it. Releasing a twenty five inch red hooked in four inches of water was a great start to the day.

The amazing thing was that the second fish never spooked. For a good part of the fight with the first fish I really thought I’d get a crack at the second. Didn’t happen of course, but you get the idea that the fish were very relaxed.

Within a couple minutes I found another tailer. I followed this fish around with a camera for at least ten minutes trying to get tailing photos. I got a few, although they’re not great. That fish finally swam almost in to me and spooked.

I’d just put the camera away and there was another fish tailing close by. I pooched the first few casts. By now the fish was real close. The next cast was good and I watched him take the fly. Another release soon followed.

Clouds started to show and made visibility harder. But there were fish cruising and tailing all over the pond and I missed a few more strikes, broke off two fish (no excuse for that except for angler error) and released another. I went to the far end of the pond and determined that it was so shallow (grass tips sticking out of the water) that it would be too hard for me to get out that way. Since there were plenty of fish where I was it was easy to stay there. I stopped for lunch, and then went back to fishing.

By now there were lots of clouds. It was hard to see. I was working harder, and fishing blind. Deciding wading might work better, I tied the painter around my waist and with kayak in tow started stalking the fishies on foot.

It often happens when you kayak fish in the River Breeze area that you frequently hear, but seldom see, motor skiffs. When the water is low, especially when you’ve dragged the boat over extensive damp mudflats to get to your spot, skiffs just can’t get to where you are. So when I heard the outboard getting louder I didn’t think that much of it.

Imagine my surprise and dismay when this yahoo comes roaring around the corner of the pond, heading right for me. He runs right through where I’m fishing. Since the pond is a dead end at the other end, after he passes me he turns around and comes right past me again. In the meantime you can see the wakes of the terrified fish going every which way.

I tell you, I’m not a violent person, but had a had a piece I’d have put a couple of caps through his hull. First off, he ran the skiff through the water I’d already determined was too shallow to paddle through. I wonder why all those prop dredge marks are in all those shallow ponds back there?? Secondly, he boogered up every bird and fish in that pond.

I stayed almost three more hours and only saw one fish tail in that time. I didn’t get another bite, and thought what a jerk that guy was all afternoon. Maybe I’m being selfish, (after all, I don’t own that spot) but he really ruined my afternoon.

Why would anyone do that to another angler? You might think it was ignorance, but this was a new, high-tech skiff- tunnel hull, jackplate, the whole nine yards. Anyone with a skiff like that ought to have some familiarity with the concepts of etiquette and consideration. It seemed like he deliberately went out of his way to burn the pond while I was standing in it.

Incidents like this give a plausible explanation for river rage.

In spite of the occasional jerk encounter, it’s March, one of the best months of the year to fish the Space Coast . So-

Life is short- GO FISHING!!!

Life is great and I love my work!

John Kumiski