Monday, March 17, 2008

Secret Flies

If you were wondering how much competitive fly fishers guard their secret ties you should read this article in the London Free Press:
I've been fly fishing for 40 years and making my own flies for just as long, but when I see stuff like this, I'm blown away," he says.
The box, lined in black cloth, contains about 100 hand-tied flies, carefully aligned in slotted rows like earrings in a display case.
As Jeffries draws attention to the subtleties of the flies, a voice from the back of the fishing store booms: "Don't take any pictures of what's inside the box."
Chris Pfohl means it.
A member of the five-man Canadian national fly fishing team that will compete for Commonwealth supremacy in New Zealand next month, the Londoner made the flies and he's hoping they'll give him an edge.
By the way, we can't tell you who's box is pictured above or where they plan to fish it...we just can't do it...

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