Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Avant Moi Le Deluge: White River Flooding

My last trip to fish Arkansas' White River ended with a bout of gastric distress and having to flee our tents just ahead of hurricane Katrina. tailwater chief of staff, Jeff Paisley, contacted me today to advise that this year the floods have preceeded our early April visit to the area.
Thirty feet of River View Road on the North Fork of the White River has been washed away, blocking the evacuation route for an undetermined number of residents living in homes up the river, Hall said. Residents in the area also reported River View Drive was washed out and River Ridge Road was flooded.

Among the roads closed were: Baxter County Road 510 and 10 near Midway, County Road 806 in the Gamaliel area, County Road 63, County Road 65 in the Jordan area, County Road 72 at Plum Tree Lane and County Road 7 and County Road 1 in the Cotter area, said Baxter County Road & Bridge Superintendent Vernis Miller. County Road 39 was passable late Tuesday afternoon, but the water was deep and the road may close, he said.
We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and are keeping the residents of the area in our thoughts.
Dam photo by Jay Moore.

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