Thursday, March 06, 2008

NCWRC Defines Artificial Lures

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has approved changes to fishing regulations that will in effect prohibit the use of scented "power" type baits on Delayed Harvest streams which are limited it fishing with artificial lures only.
Wildlife Commissioners also approved a fishing regulation, applying to public mountain trout waters, that defines natural bait as any living or dead organism or prepared substance designed to attract fish by taste or smell, while artificial lures are defined as bait that neither contains nor has been treated with any substance that attracts fish by the sense of taste or smell.

”This rule clarifies what kinds of lures are allowable when trout fishing on waters that require anglers to only use artificial lures,” Curry said. “With new attractant lures coming on the market every year and no definition of what comprised natural bait and artificial lures in the NC Statutes or regulation digest, anglers have had a lot of questions.
Stay tuned for more information on the regulation changes.

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