Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Under Cover Fly Shop Review - Davidson River Outfitters

Recently while visiting The Davidson River on a Saturday we stopped in on Davidson River Outfitters and gave them the editorial once over. The shop has moved from its previous location to what looks like a smaller space and shares a porch with a BBQ restaurant. (the food was fair in case you were wondering). The shop, owned by Kevin Howell (who's father actually fished with my father a time or two), is a full line shop with a good selection of flies and equipment. I didn't keep a tally but the prices for items were what one would expect to find in any fly shop. When we were there two or three anglers were talking to the guy behind the counter. He was too busy with them to really say hello to us so we were able to look around undisturbed. Paisley was looking for some strike indicators and he found them but decided not to wait around for the guy behind the counter to finish up and borrowed some from me (we were impatient to get on the water so I won't say the service was lacking). Most interesting is the shops acquisition of a few miles of The Davidson as a private fishery. For $125 per day you can fish a section of the river that has had very limited access to it for the past fifty or so years. If you are in the area stop in and visit with them. Kevin is a good guy who is very knowledgeable about fly fishing in that area.

Duct Tape and Free Publicity

The Northeast Georgian newspaper reports (on a slow news day none-the-less) that duct tape saved one fisherman's day as Roger Lowe of the Lowe Fly Shop in Waynesville tapes up some shoes and makes the newspaper. I would that I could get this kind of publicity for Flyfishmagazine.com.

More Editorial Shopping - Delorme Topo Maps

I purchased this complete (Trout Unlimited branded) set of the Delorme topo maps for the entire United States today from Sierra Trading Post for $23.96. They list it as $100 regular price. I must have bought the last one because they show it as sold out now. Supposedly these will load onto my PDA and you can even use them with GPS. This should make getting lost lots more fun.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Great Outdoor Games VI - No Fishing Events This Year

ESPN's great outdoor games will have no fishing events this year. I know that it has been Paisley's intention to compete in the games someday but this year unless he wants to enter the Terracross event we are out of luck. Bummer.

Urban Fly Fishing for Squirrels

Alistair has been urban fly fishing again but this time it appears he has found a new way to get fly tying materials. Fishing for squirrels. He usually fishing the river Kelvin in the UK.

Why Fishing is like Dating.

I bring this to you without comment. Why fishing is like dating.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Gander Mountain to Open Store in Greensboro, NC

The Greensboro News -Record reports that Gander Mountain is opening a new outdoors store in Greensboro, NC. According to the article, Gander Mountain's stores are often compared to Bass Pro Shops and usually carry the same types of merchandise. I checked their web site and it looks like they do not sell online yet.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Editorial Shopping Spree at the Hodgeman Outlet

I couldn't resist these tonight so I purchased a set of these neoprene bootfoot hip waders. Hip waders are the trick when you want to hop out of the car and fish without having to suit up. At 19.99 these are a deal. To get to the $30 dollar minimum I also picked up a waterproof chestpack and a camo boonie hat.

Checking in with the Hodgman Outlet tonight I find that if you have a size 5 or 6 foot you can get some very nice felt sole wading shoes for $11.99 (remember this shop has a $30 minimum order)

Baldy Fly Fishing Cap - $5.95

Here is a good deal on a flats style fly fishing hat from Cortland for only $5.95. The "Baldy" hat should appeal to anglers like Zug and myself who have to worry about too much Sol on the noggin.

House of Hardy Posters....You Gotta Love 'em!

You have to enjoy the posters that the House of Hardy comes up with to sell their products. I think they do a good job of appealing to both men and women. The lady in the photo is not at all scantily clad (something that might turn off the lady fly fisher) but I would offer that she really doesn't have to be to get the male fly fishers attention too. Let me know what you think editor@flyfishmagazine.com

Asheville Area Fishing Reports

Here is a link to the Asheville Citizen Time's fishing report for this week. It covers the Davidson, Tuckasegee River, and Nantahala.

Rich People Now Able to Fish Undisturbed.

According to the Mountain Press, rich folks will now be able to fly fish undisturbed in their gated community near Gatlinburg, Tn. Norton Creek known for its excellent fly fishing for native brook trout is being developed into an upscale gated community. The odd thing is they are trying to sell it as a way to protect the river by putting in a gated community with lots that will cost between $200,000 - $500,000. They say this will preserve the river in its natural state for all (the rich people). The nice thing is that the rich people will now have a place to fish without all the riff raff (us). I am sure the chemicals that they will use on their well manicured, gardner tended, lawns will be beneficial to the speckled trout of Norton Creek.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Private TN Trout Waters

WBIR.Com has a story about a private stream called Norton Creek about 1 mile outside of Gatlinburg, TN. The stream is being managed for big trout with the help of the University of TN. I will try to find more information about this stream. I don't think that the rumor that the largest trout are being raised with big orange "T"s painted on their back, is really true.

Fish Kill Claims 10,000 in Virginia

Richard Formato of Roanoke.com reports on the death of 10,000 Virginia fish killed in two separate incidents. One when an industrial plant "accidentally" used the wrong pipe and sent 1400 gallons of drain cleaner into Mason's Creek and the other as the result of a traffic accident. He also makes a valid case against the development of a "cartoon campground" on the banks of the New River.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fly Fishing History

Ok one last site for tonight. As an avid reader of Walton's, "Compleate Angler"I am in giddy awe of this one. A History of fly fishing.

The earliest recorded reference to fly fishing describes the Macedonian way of fishing for fish with speckled skins that feed on flys. "They fasten red (crimson red) wool around a hook, and fix onto the wool two feathers which grow under a cock's wattles, and which in colour are like wax. Their rod is six feet long, and their line is the same length. Then they throw their snare, and the fish, attracted and maddened by the colour, comes straight at it, thinking from the pretty sight to gain a dainty mouthful; when, however, it opens its jaws, it is caught by the hook, and enjoys a bitter repast, a captive

One in Four Fly Fishers is a Woman...

25% of all fly fishers are women. The Nashua Telegraph says that many of these women want to learn to fly fish so that they can enjoy it with a significant other. "He's (her spouse)helped her learn, but it's good to hear someone else and see how they do it, she says, adding that a drawback to learning from her husband is that "he might get impatient and I might get offended."

More on South Africa's Love / Hate Relationship with Fly Fishing

As part of my blogexplorations of the internet I have been intrigued with the articles about fly fishing in South Africa that are being published on AllAfrica.com. I really can't tell if they are for the fly fishing or against it but they sure make for interesting reading. The author of this article Neels Blom, talks about the real estate boom that is going on in the village of Dullstroom due to the growth of fly fishing on the water there. I enjoy his ability as a wordsmith when he writes, "but I'll lay money that on any Friday night the kilometer-square rating for wine quaffery and general face stuffing by upwardly mobile professionals must rank with the combined bourgeois gluttony of everything north of Empire Road". I think he is taking a swipe at the yuppies and you have got to love that!

He also makes a good point about conservation and how trout fishing has helped Africa, "Perhaps a more important fact is that trout cannot survive in anything but pristine waters, which means the commercial success of trout fishing requires a fanatical level of water-quality management. If there are trout in the water you can drink it.
You can drink it. That is the point. We may agonize about the riverine rabbit and blue crane, but environmental management is really about our own survival. The earth doesn't care. However much we may stuff it up, when we're gone, the natural way will prevail. In the meantime, we need clean water."

He ends by saying "It is offensive that public resources are exploited for private gain. But, for now, the entrepreneurs are what stand between maintaining clear headwaters and the whole lot turning into a toxic sewer." See what I mean by love/hate?

Avoiding Trees

The Nashua Telegraph's web site has an article that I thought summed up fly fishing in its title, "Fly fishing: A test of patience, vision and avoiding trees".

Updates to Flyfishmagazine.com

This evening I have been working to correct a problem with www.flyfishmagazine.com that was keeping folks from being able to view the site properly when they had their browser set to the large or largest text size. I think I found a work around that will correct this problem.

I have also added new fishing reports from the Davidson River and North Mills River trips this past weekend.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Delayed Harvest"Becomes "Fish For Dinner" June 4th.

Fish those North Carolina "Delayed Harvest" waters hard for the next few days. Delayed Harvest season will end June 3rd. Most of the trout you have been catching and releasing for the past eight months will be in the frying pan by supper time on June 4th. Look for your editorial staff to start fishing in Tennessee around the same time.

Opie's Rod Keeps Getting Stolen..Andy Can't Roll Cast

The Raleigh News and Observer has an article about how the statue of Opie Taylor in Pullen Park's fishing rod keeps getting stolen. They suggested replacing it with a cane pole that woud be inexpensive to replace, but the folks at TV Land had no idea what one was. Now get this...the author says that this obviously explains why the statue of Andy holds a fly rod "which is impractical for use on the banks of North Carolina's foliage-rich ponds and lakes." Will someone please teach the media how to execute a proper roll cast!

Mississippi Purist

South Mississippi's SunHerald.com has a story by the Deputy Director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources about how tough the fishing has been in the mountains of North Carolina this year due to the late arrival of spring. He takes a yearly trip to visit the mountains of NC and laments that he had to fish nymphs down stream to catch fish due to the cool temps keeping the hatch down. He refers to downstream nymphing as the equivalent of bottom fishing

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fly Rod with Lifetime Warranty for only $39.96??

I know I already mentioned Sierra Trading Post as Zug's deal of the day but I couldn't help when I saw this one. A Redington two piece rod. It looks to be an 8 foot five weight and is only $39.96. I fish a 4wt and really enjoy my Redington. The thing you should know about Redington rods is that they have a lifetime warranty. If it breaks they replace it. That is hard to beat for under $40. Here is a link to info on the warranty so you can check it out yourself. It looks legit but make your own decision. If you know someone who needs a rod this is an excellent choice. The same rod on e-bay will cost you around $125

Zugbug's Deal O' The Day

Zugbug has been doing some shopping and he located this link to some nice deals. Sierra Trading post has a Bargain Barn and as you know we are all about bargains here at Flyfishmagazine. They have some good prices on fly lines. I noticed a Reddington sinking line here for only $10.95. They also have 7x tippet for only $1.20 a spool. This is another shop we will put on our list to check often.

I Tell Lies Bumper Sticker...Featured on Cafepress

Cafepress has a feature about "Stickers in the Outdoors" which includes our "I tell lies about fishing" bumper sticker. We made it all the way to page 9.

Roger Lowe To Speak

Roger Lowe - owner of Lowe's Fly Shop in Waynesville, NC will be speaking at The Plateau Fly Fishing Club meeting in Waynesville this Tuesday.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jedi Fly Fishing - Is Star Wars a Bad Influence on Our Sport?

With all the hoopla about Star Wars lately I have reluctantly decided to get on the band wagon and let you know about Zugbug's unique new style of Jedi fly fishing. The only real issue we have had with him so far is his inability to practice catch and release with his light saber.

Mills River Trout

It is hard to take photos of fish you catch yourself. Here is one i was able to snap just before I released him.

Waist Deep in the Davidson

Here are Paisley and Zug casting on the catch and release section of the Davidson River. Paisley is in the foreground and Zug is near the bridge.

Zug interrupted

Here is a slightly blurry picture of Zugbug. He looks perturbed that I have interrupted his casting on the North Mills.

Davidson and North Mills River Fishing Trip

Tonight I am posting some pictures from our recent trip to fish the Davidson and North Mills Rivers near Brevard, North Carolina. Zugbug, Paisley and I had an excellent day on some really nice water. The Davidson is on Trout Unlimited's list of the top 100 rivers in the United States and the North Mills is a Delayed Harvest river that we wanted to fish before the season ran out. Both are beautiful and very different places to fish. This picture is of Jeff "Master Guide" Paisley angling hard on the North Mills. The North Mills was full of Trout and all of us enjoyed catching them. Look for these rivers to be featured in next months issue of Flyfishmagazine.com

Friday, May 20, 2005

Psycho Fly Fishing ...and We Missed it.

I am not sure how but it looks like we missed out on this fly fishing event May 12th - 15th. PFF or Psycho Fly Fishers. Apperently these guys get together twice a year and camp and fish. This year it looks like they fished Whitetop Laurel. Lots of rain made the event pretty soggy and one participant described it as "ankle deep in water, watching lightning bolts get closer and closer. . . . Can't wait till next time"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Editor / Neighborhood Serpent Slayer

In a recent story on Flyfishmagazine.com I spoke of the fact that South Mountains State Park is home to a vast population of Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. Well little did I know so is my front yard here in Huntersville, NC. About 10:00 PM tonight a neighbor rang my door bell and said that he didn't want to alarm me but there was a three foot long Copperhead in my yard. I grabbed my trusty shovel and proceeded to verify that he was not exaggerating. There was a very large viper (not manufactured by Dodge) at the edge of my lawn.

After much debate about the best way to handle the situation and fighting the urge to employ my Colt 1911 .45 to dispatch the beast (probably bending the rules of our neighborhood association's charter to say the least), it was decided that the shovel should be weapon enough. My neighbor assured me that if I poked the snake it would run away and not come back towards us. As I suspected from countless hours of watching The Crocodile Hunter, this proved to be false. We quickly learned that a Copperhead can strike the length of its body without much effort. Seeing it do this several times in a row in your direction really gives one quite a rush. This was one angry snake. Not wishing to take any chances I employed my shovel.

A Copperhead that large is pretty rare in this area. I am sure he had grown fat feasting on the small birds and animals that infest the wet lands behind my house. Had I met this serpent in the wild I would have most likely tried to move away without disturbing him. However, since he ventured near areas frequented by small children and pets my choices were limited. After this encounter with such a powerful animal I understand better how people get themselves bitten. I was rather amazed by this snakes ability to strike without warning at something that was 180 degrees South of its head.

I did inquire as to why the neighbors came to get me, rather than handle the situation on their own. One of them put it like this, "Well, it was in your yard".

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A "Kitchen Pass" is defined as:

The act of obtaining permission from ones spouse for a day out (ie. fishing trip) with the guys. When asking for the "Kitchen Pass" you must keep a few things in mind.

1. You must obtain a "Kitchen Pass" before the activity in question. Failure to do so will result in problems. (ie. her refusal to wear the NYMPH! Lingerie available at our online store) <-Shameless Plug

2. Passes are not free. You will pay for them in some form at a later date. Understanding this up front will allow you to better deal with the aftermath. Payment is usually exacted in shopping trips to stores of no interest to men where one must hold bags and remark about how nice the clothes look on her.

3. If when you ask for the pass she says "Fine!" that does not mean you can go. In the world of Kitchen Passes "Fine!" is a negative response. This is known as "the yes means no factor"

4. Kitchen Passes are non-transferable and may be revoked even after you have participated in a previously approved activity. This is known as the "woman's prerogative".

I hope this helps you understand the dynamics of the "Kitchen Pass". Question or comments should be emailed to editor@flyfishmagazine.com

Davidson River Trip ... If Flyfishmagazine.com's Co-Editors get their "Kitchen Passes"

I am planning an article about The Davidson River near Brevard, NC. and plan to fish / photograph it Saturday. The Davidson can be tough and usually there is a lot of fishing pressure on this river on the weekends but my day job can't spare me right now on the week days. If Paisley and Zug get their "Kitchen Passes" I will have some company on my trip.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blatant Capitalism - Online Store Update

I am still working on launching an online store where you can purchase Flyfishmagazine.com merchandise. Not being very artistic I am trying to rely solely on my wits to come up with some interesting attention grabbers. (ie. The Nymph! Lingerie) Click the link to see what my warped sense of humor has devised thus far.

Hanoi Jane Fly-Fishes

Yet another famous...er infamous fly fisherwoman has come out of the tackle box so to speak when "Hanoi Jane" Fonda talks about her love of fly fishing in a recent article in The Mercury News. She attributes her love of the sport to her now estranged husband Ted Turner. She also made a point to say that she practices catch and release fishing and indicated that she hoped "a worm dunking fish eating fisherman would fly over so that she could shoot them out of the sky". (ok she really did not say that about fishing but it is a nice vague historical reference)

Trout Fishing or Falconry....Take Your Pick!

Here is another destination I have found that you might want to visit. The Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA is a Victorian mansion located about 70 miles north of Roanoke, VA. In addition to golf a spa they have a private trout stream. If trout fishing is not your style (wonders why you are reading this blog) you can always try your hand at Falconry.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monster Lake!

I just came across this link to Monster Lake near Yellowstone National Park. $200 for a day of fishing on this private lake, gets you fish that average 20" and grow at least 10" per year.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tennessee State Records - Someone go catch an Alligator Gar!

Here is a link to information on Tennessee state record fish. I see that the Alligator Gar is available.

"The Snowfly" by Joseph Heywood

I just came across this book by Joseph Heywood. "The Snowfly" is about a Michigan writer / flyfisherman who is in search of a very rare hatch known as the Snowfly. Heywood considers it to be a book not only about fly fishing but also about obsession. I think it sounds interesting enough that I will add it to the Angler's Bookshelf section at flyfishmagazine.com.

Friday, May 13, 2005

100+ Fish Per Day Possible during Roanoke River Striper Run.

NCWildlife.org reports that the Striped Bass fishing is excellent right now on the Roanoke River. They indicate that if you want to catch upwards of 100 fish a day now is the time to be on the river. Catch and release regulations are in effect and anglers are required to use barbless flies.
According to the web site topwater action should start in earnest this weekend. Anyone want to go?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lefty Kreh spends time with Eddie in Johnson City, TN

Famous Fly Angler Lefty Kreh recently made an apperance at the Fly Shop of Tennessee in Johnson City. The shop is owned by Eddie Wyatt. I met an Eddie at a Fly Shop in Johnson City once with Paisley. Could this be the same Eddie. Eddie is almost as famous as Lefty in these parts.

Become a Mississippi State Record Holder on the Fly.

Mississippi's The Clarion Ledger has an article about a fellow who almost had an 18.15 LB Mississippi State Record bass except he did not have it weighed on certified scales. It also points out that several Mississippi State Records are unclaimed on the fly rod. Meaning all you have to do is catch one and document it properly and you are the state record holder. Chain Pickerel on the fly anyone?

Fox News Fly-Fisherwoman - E. D. Hill

I have located yet another celeb who is a fly fisherwoman. In her video "5 minutes with E.D. Hill" Fox news regular E.D. Hill describes herself as "a very good fisher" who ties her own flies. She prefers fresh water fishing to salt water fishing which she describes as "being a good excuse to drink with your friends" I bet she only fishes the far right side of the river. Although they do say that her casting is "fair and balanced".

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Drop Out of the Rat Race and make 1.2 Million!

The Enquirer of Cincinnati has an article about a former Deloitte & Touche accountant who sold 1.2 million dollars worth of guided fishing trips last year and owns a lodge in Guatemala. That is quite a nice way to drop out of corporate life don't you think? His client list includes Jeff Fisher, coach of the NFL's Tennessee Titans. Did I mention that he is only 33 years old? Excuse me, I am going to be sick now.... So far my fly fishing business has made me about .89 and that is before expenses.

Monday, May 09, 2005

TN Fly Fishing School

The Dailey Times of Maryville, TN reports the following:

* Pellissippi State Technical Community College is offering ``Fly fish 101'' on Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. The instructor is Marshall Hall, a local fishing guide, custom rod maker and member of Foothills Craft Guild. He will give introductory guidance on the equipment and techniques that can help first-timers and those less experienced fish in freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. The cost is $65 each or $50 each for two or more. Call the school at (865) 539-7167.

On the road again!

Well I am on the road tonight in Fredericksburg, VA and have not had much luck locating any fly fishing shops close to my hotel. The Rappahannock River is pretty close to where I am staying so I am sure there are some shops in the area. I just have not had time to search them out. I did have a good meal and got to watch the tv show "24" which I am addicted to. I spoke to Zugbug and he reminded me that since I was pretty close to DC any missiles that Habibe Marwan would launch would most likely be headed my way. Luckily, I won't be here by the time next week's show comes on. I am sorry that this post is lacking in the fishing department but sometimes the day job gets in the way.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Visit to Fredericksburg, VA

My day job requires that I visit Fredericksburg, VA to conduct some business and play a bit of golf. I am not sure how it will go but if I have time I will try to visit a local fly shop or at least look longingly at a river as I drive North. If I find anything of interest I will attempt to blog it from afield.

Ryan Newman Driver of the Alltel Dodge and Fly Fisherman.

A recent article I ran across about Ryan Newman talks about how much he enjoys Fly Fishing and mentions that he recently fished the head waters of the North Toe River. He also recently caught a 6 LB bass in a pond just outside the 3rd turn at Darlington. Ryan, if you or your publicists see this when the scour the internet for your name and mentions of your sponsor ALLTEL drop me a note at editor@flyfishmagazine.com I would like to interview you for an article at www.flyfishmagazine.com . Maybe we could get together with Zug and Paisley and float the Watauga sometime.
Here is a link to the article but a subscription is required.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I Tell Lies About Fishing...New Online Store

Flyfishmagazine.com now has an online merchandise store through Cafepress.com. You can find the store at www.cafepress.com/flyfishmagazine. I will be adding new offerings on a regular basis so be sure to check them out often. Get your "I tell lies about fishing" bumper sticker or T-shirt here.

Friday, May 06, 2005

740 Beads - $29.95

Lewis & Clark Fly shop is offering an assortment of 740 beads for fly tying. This sounds like a pretty good deal if you can get by without using tungsten where you fish. Tungsten's sink rate, will spoil you in swift water.

Carp Unlimited?

Are you planning on fishing for the elusive carp on the fly? Perhaps you should check out this web site and consider joining Carp Unlimited! They have some excellent examples of flies to use for carp.

Life is like....

Hugh Koontz, staff writer for the Shelby Star in Shelby, North Carolina, makes an interesting observation "that life is like a trout stream" not a box of chocolates. He also mentions caddis hatch that has been going strong for the past few weeks.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Noodle for Catfish

I enjoy fly fishing because even with all the advances you could probably do it with some string and a stick and a hook and feather and still have a chance to catch something. However, this article about noodling for catfish gets down to the nitty-gritty. Try catching a catfish with your bare hands.

Fly Fishing The River Kelvin - Burnt Out Cars and All

You all know that I enjoy finding info about fly fishing in non-traditional places. So I knew I would have to blog this site when I found it. It is all about a guy from Scotland who is fly fishing for big brown trout on the River Kelvin. "Burnt oot cars, weeded shopping trolleys, bizarre wooden pallets and trying to tempt a brownie with a dry fly as a bus thunders above you..ah yes the River Kelvin in Glasgow is the ultimate in urban fly fishing." Kind of makes our Prison Fish article at Flyfishmagazine.com look tame!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fly Fishing Sells - Advertising Posters

Check out these fly fishing posters. Do you think they are aimed at women or men? I guess the old axiom is true. Women can really sell fishing line.

Cortland Line Reel Sale

The Cortland Line factory store is having a fly reel sale. Take particular note of the Turbine reel. This reel uses an impeller that is sits in a chamber filled with oil to replace the drag. As the fish pulls harder the turbine spins faster and the oil provides a smooth resistance. Very Nice!