Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Under Cover Fly Shop Review - Davidson River Outfitters

Recently while visiting The Davidson River on a Saturday we stopped in on Davidson River Outfitters and gave them the editorial once over. The shop has moved from its previous location to what looks like a smaller space and shares a porch with a BBQ restaurant. (the food was fair in case you were wondering). The shop, owned by Kevin Howell (who's father actually fished with my father a time or two), is a full line shop with a good selection of flies and equipment. I didn't keep a tally but the prices for items were what one would expect to find in any fly shop. When we were there two or three anglers were talking to the guy behind the counter. He was too busy with them to really say hello to us so we were able to look around undisturbed. Paisley was looking for some strike indicators and he found them but decided not to wait around for the guy behind the counter to finish up and borrowed some from me (we were impatient to get on the water so I won't say the service was lacking). Most interesting is the shops acquisition of a few miles of The Davidson as a private fishery. For $125 per day you can fish a section of the river that has had very limited access to it for the past fifty or so years. If you are in the area stop in and visit with them. Kevin is a good guy who is very knowledgeable about fly fishing in that area.

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