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and we mean that as an adjective...

Media: Is it just me...

Photo: Cody Simms Photo Stream via Flickr
...or is something being missed here?

An excerpt from the most recent Copy of Angling Trade Magazine reporting survey results that should be of interest to fly shop owners.

FACT #4:Fly shops and word of mouth
are the most popular methods consumers hear of new products

How Do Consumers Hear About FlyFishing Products?
1.Fly Shops
2.Word of mouth
3.Magazines (reviews,article mentions)
5.(tie)Fly/Outdoor Shows, magazine ads
6.Internet chat rooms
7.Company websites
8.Press releases

Another excerpt from the same publication

Consumer flyfishing media has done a lot to bring new
anglers to the dance and keep them there. Now,the
knee-jerk reaction for many companies is to cut costs by
cutting ads. No ads, no pages in magazines. No web-sites
either,other than amateur ones.No pro media,no
pro information.No pro information,no anglers.It ’s a
lose-lose cycle.

We love traditional media. Many of our friends and fishing buddies work in it. We subscribe to fly fishing magazines. We know that they add value to the industry. We agree that the fly shop is and should always be the cornerstone of the industry when it comes to new product and fly fishing education. We also believe that to ignore websites such as Midcurrent, Trout Underground, and Moldy Chum, as valid sources of information for gear and fly fishing education who also add value, might be ever so slightly naive.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Access Fight On the SOHO

Just in case you thought access rights issues weren't a problem in the rivers created and regulated by your tax dollars, we thought we would point out this group of postings on the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum. It seems a "group" of folks who own property on Tennessee's famous South Holston River are telling wading anglers to get off their land. This can't be good.

Several landowners on the SOHO have begun a campaign to deny people's right to fish on their part of the river bottom.Your moderators have been discussing it for several days in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. There are lawyers looking into this which were asked to do so by TU.

In short, some landowners would like to privatize the river which would mean that we the public could only fish on water owned by TVA or the state.... Yesterday, our fellow forum member BillRes was confronted by a landowner and the local law enforcement. This situation was defused by a River's Way member.

It's complicated, to say the least...

The landowners in question are claiming their rights because reportedly their deeds give them ownership to all land up to the middle of the river not the high water line. This is being interpreted as meaning that folks can't wade on their private property which in this case is the river bottom.

In one post on another website the fisherman was told by the landowner that he had to wade on the other side of the river. No one seems to have tested whether this means you can't float through or anchor there, or even fish as long as you don't get out of a boat. If this is the case then navigability is not an issue nor is fishing, only wading on private property.

Like I said, it's complicated....

I understand this to say that even though his deed may say that he owns to the middle of the river the land at the bottom of the river never belonged to whoever he bought the land from in the first place so therefore it is not his land past the high water mark.

I worked for a surveyor for a while and have seen deeds that say a landowner owns to the center line of a state maintained road, and we all know that even though his deed says that he owns half the road it still doesn't mean that he can prevent you from driving on it since it is truly owned and maintained by the state. Many times deeds were written to say that a landowner owns to the center of a road or river because it is a fairly stationary and permanent landmark that helps distinguish the property line.

Anybody seen Donnie Beaver lurking around these parts? Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

These posts are excerpted from various members of the SEFF and can be read in their entirety here:

****UPDATE***As with all things there are two sides to every story:

Be sure to read both. Could a few bad apples be spoiling the barrel for all of us?

Don Barone: The Bass Mobile

Our Itinerant Freelance Journalist friend, Don Barone, is not about to let the biggest economic downturn of the century come between him and his ability to lead Bigfoot hunting parties or cover bass fishing tournaments. Check out his stories at

(Editor's Note: The presence of a life preserver in the Bass Mobile does not mean that it is amphibious.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yelton Places 2nd in Bass Bug Classic

Yelton poses with a largemouth bass caught on Lake Lure. Photo by Brandon Potts
A couple of guys we know from North Carolina went all warm water on us and ended up bringing home a prize.
Congratulations to Michael Yelton (of the NC Fly Fishing Team) and Paul Thompson (that guy who has won like all the Total Outdoorsman events ever held). Two quality fellows!
CHATTANOOGA, T.N. (JUNE 24, 2009): Michael Yelton of The Granddaddy Fly-Fishing Experience in Lake Lure, N.C. finished second alongside teammate Paul Thompson of Marion, N.C. in the first annual Chattanooga Bass Bug Classic, a two-day tournament fly-fishing for bass on the Nick-a-Jack section of the Tennessee River. Held on June 18th and 19th, anglers were scored on the total weight of bass caught over the two-day period, and any fish in possession had to be more than 15 inches long to comply with Tennessee state laws.

Yelton and Thompson brought in a total of seven bass for a live weigh-in totaling 13.8 pounds. The winning team, led by tournament founder and director Mac McGaee along with teammate Frank Duff, scored a total weight of 23.3 pounds.

Yelton, who is also a member of the North Carolina Fly-Fishing Team, enjoyed fishing for bass as opposed to trout, which is more common in fly-fishing tournaments.

"This was a great change of pace, I think most anglers don't believe that you can fly-fish for bass and have much success,"said Yelton. "This tournament proves otherwise. I look forward to seeing bass fly-fishing tournaments grow."

The second place team received a prize package of $350, a fly rod and reel, fly line, and an original hand-painted fly-fishing portrait by Paul Puckett, who donated three paintings to the cause. Proceeds from the invitational tournament were donated to the Chambliss Children's Home & Shelter to exclusively fund the organization's fishing program for children.

Yelton's next stop on the fly-fishing tournament trail will be at The America Cup International Fly Fishing Tournament to be held August 22-28, 2009 in Summit County, C.O. Six anglers from the North Carolina Fly-Fishing Team will be represented at the invitation-only tournament. The winning team will receive a cash purse of $2,000. To learn more about Michael Yelton and The Granddaddy Fly-Fishing Experience, please visit

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nat Geo: Hooked

We at have been fond of National Geographic Magazine ever since we went through puberty studying its pages while visiting our Grandparent's house during Summer vacation. (little did we know that later in life, we would be photographed fly fishing by them for a story on the New River. Sadly our good looks ended up on the cutting room floor) That and the fact that it referred to fishing were reasons that we paid close attention to the press release they recently sent us about one of our favorite shows on their TV channel.


Ravenous Flesh-Eating Carnivores, Fish with Human-Like Teeth,
Stingrays the Size of Buffalo and a Conservationist on a Mission to Protect Them —
See the Amazing Encounters of Man and Megafish

"The biggest fish we’ve seen! A real-life Loch Ness monster." — Zeb Hogan, fish biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer

Popular Hooked Series Moves to Regular Night and Time with Summer Premieres —
Beginning Monday, June 29, at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Whether for science or sport, encountering the sheer power and size of the world’s biggest fish is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This summer, on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT, beginning June 29, the National Geographic Channel (NGC) brings the excitement of monster fishing home with a new season of Hooked. We’ll journey across the globe to see the most extreme encounters in megafishing and the groundbreaking research being done to protect these fish. In each episode, we’ll be there as avid anglers and scientists track, bait, catch and release fish of extraordinary proportions. Then, in two episodes we join fish biologist, conservationist and National Geographic Explorer Zeb Hogan on a five-year mission to help preserve the world’s biggest freshwater fish.

From a colossal squid weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds to a stingray almost 12 feet long, each adrenaline-filled episode examines the environmental challenges these megafish face — from climate change to pollution to overfishing. Some of these Goliath fish have been around since the dinosaurs, and now, like their predecessors, they face extinction. With each capture, conservationists and biologists can study these amazing creatures and begin the dialogue needed to analyze their sometimes dire situation and debate possible solutions. As producer/filmmaker Dean Johnson says, "Most of the species I film won’t be on this planet in the next 50 years, and each time I look through the viewfinder I realize the images we are capturing will be telling a story that others may never have the opportunity to see."

Ever wonder?

What you have to do to become a member of Fly Fishing Team USA and represent our fair land at the 2010 world championships in Poland? Here is an excerpt from an email that explains it step by step:

Team selection for the Poland championships will be as follows: Two individuals from this year's World Championships qualified by their individual finish in Scotland. Those two are Pete Erickson and Mike Sexton. The top 3 Point System individuals since the last National Championship will be going to Poland. Finally, the 2009 individual National Champion will have a spot on this team. Once we have those spots filled, we will determine the starting lineup and the alternate. The 3 point system qualifiers will be determined from the accumulated points achieved since the 2007 National Fly Fishing Championships through the qualifiers at the end of July. We are doing this to be able to send this team to Poland 1 year prior to the championships to get prepared for the 2010 World event. So the only individual we will not know will be the 2010 National Champion which will be crowned in Oct.

The events that qualify for the point system to determine the Poland Team are as follows:

2007 National Championships - Boulder, CO
2008 World Fly Fishing Championships - New Zealand
2008 Pagosa Springs, CO
2008 Salt Lake City, UT
2008 America Cup - Frisco, CO
2008 Canadian National Championship - Mont Tremblant, CA
2009 Santa Fe, NM
2009 Michigan
2009 Bend, OR
2009 World Fly Fishing Championships - Scotland

The following events will also be included for the point total to make the roster for Team USA. Team USA will be selected at this year's National Championships by the Top 15 accumulated points from the 2007 National Championships to the 2009 National Championships.

*2009 SE qualifier
*2009 Bozeman, MT
*2009 America Cup
*2009 Canadian National Championship - BC
*2009 Boise, ID
*2009 US National Championship

Points are achieved through any of these events by finishing in the top 30% of the total competitors at any of these events. For example, at any regional qualifier, there has typically been 24 competitors. In order to get into the points one must finish in the the top 8 out of the 24 competitors. Obviously, the higher the finish the more points accumulated. In this example:

1st place = 2400 points
2nd place = 1200 points
3rd place = 800 points
4th place = 600 points
5th place = 480 points
6th place = 400 points
7th place = 343 points
8th place = 300 points

Competitions that are considered International (excluding the World Championships) have a mulitiplier of 3. World Championships have a multiplier of 5. Thus the harder the competition the more points it is worth to finish in the top 30%. Also the more the competitor numbers the more points available.These selection criteria as well as the Point system will be posted on the Team USA website. Updates to the website will be occurring on a consistent basis.

Just remember to sign your scorecards before you get back to the clubhouse.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

B-Roll Days

"Some days you only get to shoot the cut scenes" - anonymous

It was a pretty cool surprise when's Editor of Rough Fish Captain Paul Rose called us and asked if the Editorial Offspring and myself wanted to come shoot some video and do a bit of flats fishing for Carp this weekend. We met up with him and his Hell's Bay Skiff early Sunday morning and headed out to one of his favorite secret fishing spots. We won't say where it is exactly, but let's just say one reason it is so special is that on a perfect weekend day we only shared the water with 10 or so other boats. Most were swimmers with the occasional trash (bass) fisher in the mix.

The Editorial Offspring (Jake) manned the bow for most of the day with Captain Rose and myself working in the occasional cast so as "to show him how it was done." Jake has fished with his Dad enough times to know that this is par for the course and he, like the dude, abides his old man a cast or two. Most of the time I manned the video camera filming and waiting for the elusive hook up.

Capt. Rose put us on the fish but they seemed to want nothing to do with us by the time the kinks were worked out of our trout fishermen's casting arms. Paul was kind and blamed the wind, the weather and everything but our semi adequate casting skills. He did a lot of pointing and gesturing and then even tried his own hand on the lockjawed fish. I continued filming.

The Captain had the same luck as Jake and I. He assured us that we were putting our flies in the zone (occasionally) but still the rubber lipped fish would have no part of our offerings. The person who said that carp on the fly were challenging gets absolutely no argument from me. I changed tapes and continued to film.

Most folks don't know that Captain Paul was a test pilot for NASA and after a horrific accident had to have his right eye replaced by a helmet camera. We got lots of "point of view" video of Paul helping us with our casting and spotting fish for us. In this photo we are talking about how great it would be to see some "point of view" video of me catching a big carp. At this point I wasn't filming so much and began wondering how a DVD would look with loud music, lots of casting, and no fish. It could be a whole new genre.

After a period of quiet desperation, I snuck into the Captain's fly box and snapped pictures for future reference. Still no hero shots or fish (larger than a bluegill) on video. I decided that filming was pretty much a bust and resorted to espionage.

Captain Paul decided to reward me for my efforts to snarf the contents of his fly box with a class in skiff poling. He said that I was a quick learner as I had mastered going in circles faster than any of his other pupils. He also applauded my excellent ability to get the boat right up into the trees and bushes lining the lake. He said it was normal to almost knock the angler off the bow and that on hot days like today he found the lake water to be quite refreshing.

After poling the boat around for a while in the 90 degree heat with near 100% humidity, I decided the best way to show my new found appreciation for fishing guides everywhere was to lie on the deck of the skiff while pouring cold water over my head and trying not to pass out. Just before my demise, Jake snapped what may be one of the coolest photos of me ever to inhabit my hard drive.

(Editor's note - Captain Paul Rose is's Editor of Rough Fish. He has written many articles and teaches seminars on catching carp on the fly. Check out his site at When the cameras are off, we know first hand that he does a great job of teaching anglers how to catch elusive carp on the fly. (photos by Jake Murdock)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hassan's 18 lb Wiper

Ali Hassan of the Denver, Colorado Hassans, taunts us with yet another picture of a massive white bass / striped bass hybrid (Wiper). This one was caught on a road trip to Nebraska during a time when he probably should have working and not fishing. Ali tells us that he had no luck until he took extreme measures to match the hatch by catching some of the local baitfish in his landing net.

On another note Ali is now's official Survival Editor. He will soon be providing us with an article on lessons learned in the wild during his recent trip. Lesson one will be no matter how thirsty you might be, don't ever drink lake water even if Bear Grylls says its OK to do so if you squeeze it through your shirt first.
Bonus points for the offspring shooting the Victory sign. Based on the cuteness of the kids we can only say that Ali must have a very lovely wife.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Illinois Brownliner Sighting

This week finds me about an hour from the windy city, near Yorkville, Illinois working the finance gig. So as I am leaving our offices here I look to my right and spy an angler wearing a fishing vest fishing the retention pond. I didn't get to stop but I couldn't help but wonder who this angler might be. If you were fishing on Wheaton Ave Tuesday night give us a shout and tell us what they are biting.

Gear: Spot Satellite Messenger Rebate Deal

If you are one of those folks who regularly ventures outside of the realm of cell phone coverage and are in need of a functional way to either summon help or let the wife know that you are OK then you might want to consider a Spot Satellite Messenger. Spot uses GPS to dermine your location and communications satellite system to transmit that information to your loved ones or in the event of emergency to dispatch help via a GEOS International 9-1-1 response center.
The Spot Messenger is not a full blown emergency beacon, but rather fills a niche for outdoorsmen and women who may venture into the wild alone or with a buddy and who have wondered what might happen should they become incapacitated etc. A unique function is that the device allows you to either alert family and friends (via email and text message) to your plight or alert the authorities via the 9-1-1 key and summon professional help. The difference being that you have the option of alerting the wife to summon your fishing buddies come find your lost hindquarters down in the gorge or, in real life or death situations, calling on professional rescuers (and additional $8 per year provides 100k of coverage for rescue costs so bring on the helicopters). Another nice and somewhat less ominous feature is that the device can be used as a tracker that reports your location to a sharable webpage every ten minutes thus documenting your fishing trip and proving to the wife that you were actually fishing. (Don't worry. The device has to have a clear view of the sky to function so it can't work hidden in your trunk or anything like that.)
My initial back yard testing of the device delivered an "I'm OK" message to the wife within about four minutes of my pressing the button. It sent my Father a "Send Help ASAP" message (pre-arranged so as not to test his cardiac function) in a comparable amount of time. Text messages to cell phones included Longitude and Latitude information for my location and the email messages contained a link to a google map showing my back yard. I considered the test a success.
Currently Spot is offering a rebate of up to $150 dollars, which essentially gets you the unit for free, when you purchase two years of check in and help service ($99 per year) along two years of tracking ($49 per year). There are lesser rebates for those who only purchase the help service. Since the only way to use the unit for more than an orange doorstop is to purchase the service, this makes for a pretty good deal overall. As with all rebates, breakage means profits, so read the directions carefully and be sure to follow them to the letter or you will end up with less of a deal than you thought you were getting. The Spot Satellite Messenger retails for around $149 and is available are many outdoor retailers. Check out for more information.
**as with all of our opinions, be sure to do research on your own before trusting your life to something you read here or anywhere. We don't want you blaming us if you go and get yourself busted up or worse.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Orvis to Open South Charlotte Location

The Charlotte Business Journal is reporting on plans to open a 7500 square foot Orvis retail store at Phillips Place located in Charlotte North Carolina's exclusive South Park area. According to the article, the fly fishing / furniture / clothing and gift store is slated to be open by Christmas. For more information contact The Orvis Company.

Gear: It's bacon and gum in one

Thanks to the folks at, now you can enjoy the delicious taste of bacon without having to dirty up the frying pan.
"Each tin of Bacon Gumballs is loaded with bacon-y goodness, and after you've eaten all the gum, you can reuse the tin. And the tin will retain the scent of bacon for some time, blessing all you put in it with that wondrous and holy of smells. Bacon Gumballs - the gift that keeps on giving."
No word on if it would be considered poor form to re purpose this bacony smelling tin as a fly box, giving your blue winged olives an irresistible scent. Just remember it is considered poor form to blow bacon bubbles at the table.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maybe we should be fishing more streamers...

Our friends Josh and Kevin from the Hatch Hunters Guide Service recently posted a video that might make you want to toss a big streamer the next time you fish Tennessee tailwaters. In the video a massive rainbow trout carries its dinner around with it. Dinner is a 12 inch rainbow trout. The guys behind the Hatch Hunters Fly Fishing Guide Service are members of the NC Fly Fishing Team and are fully endorsed by

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A trip to the land of my birth

Ventured to the Great North to "visit family and possibly do some fishing". Visited family for three days out of six and fished every day. Here is a pic of the nicest trout I caught on the West Branch of the Delaware:

I must say that the biggest adjustment I had to make in going back to this fishing after so many years was setting the hook. I broke off a high number of very large trout. 7x just doesn't hold up like 12 lb. I had no trouble with the casting and/or seeing the rises however and was able to put my fly where it needed to be. Presentation is still the number one skill that needs to be perfected in order to get strikes from tricky fish. Setting the hook without breaking the line is the number one skill to get them in for the hero shot...

Capt. Gordon

People: Sci Angler's Bruce Richards Retires

Coming to you from a secret bunker somewhere East of the Walt Whitman Bridge (we are big fans of his sampler), we bring news of the retirement of Scientific Angler's Bruce Richards. From the article at
Richards, who retired last week after 33 years with Midland-based Scientific Anglers/3M, oversaw development and production of the fly lines that helped create the image and the boom in fly fishing that followed it.
Mr. Smith, we enjoy your work. The Sharkskin stuff, not so much but that's just our opinion.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quote of the Week: Bachelor Beware

This week's quote is for the ladies and comes from a book by Janice Lieberman about how to "Shop for a husband." Watch out fellows, that nice looking lady standing by the wader display might have more on her mind than which size rod works best for striper.


You need to get out of the "women's department" and go shopping in the "men's department" in order to find the man of your dreams. Go where the merchandise is: stay away from spas and cafes – and check out golf clinics, fly fishing, technology conferences and business courses.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gear: Lateral Line's Miles Technical Fishing Shirt

This gear comes to us via Twitter from Lateral Line. On the surface the Miles Technical Fishing Shirt might not look much different than any other tee shirt. However, it is more like a total redesign of the classic tee designed for anglers.

We were tired of wearing t-shirts that were designed with a square fit, were rough on the skin and held sweat while we were fishing so we built our Miles Technical T-Shirt. We designed it with two main things in mind: 1) Comfort, 2) Fit.
Comfort: To reach our comfort goal we set out to design a fabric that was soft against the skin, while also evaporating moisture from the body. With a blend of 20% soft cotton and 80% moisture-wicking polyester we managed to accomplish our goal with our Lateral Line technical T material. Once the material was woven we added an additional process to soften it to come up with the perfect technical t-shirt that can be worn as a regular t-shirt or under layers to help keep you dry.

Fit: To reach our goal we started from scratch and after weeks of alternations finally came up with a fit that is comfortable and roomy, yet has a little style to create a functional and stylish technical t-shirt that can be worn on and off the water.

World Championship Update

Our friend competitive fly fisher Kurt Finlayson, comes through for us with news from an insider at the fly fishing world championships. Thanks Kurt
------Original Message------
From: Kurt Finlayson
Sent: Jun 9, 2009 10:54 AM
Subject: worlds

So far the "official" website only has one group's session posted. The American (Lance Egan) didn't blank on the Loch, which is a good thing.
According to my inside source from the UK, he believes the team results look like this:
The latest I have is,
France 1st
Finland 2nd
Czechs 3rd
Scotland 4th
England 6th
USA 10th

Sunday, June 07, 2009

FIPS Mouche: It's on like Donkey Kong

It's that time of the year again when Team USA takes part in the World Fly Fishing Championships being held this year in Scotland June 5th -12th. Via the Stirling Observer in the United Kingdom.
Drymen will play host to the official opening ceremony tonight (Friday) at 5.30pm with many of the participants staying in the area.
Among the nations taking part are Japan, Australia, USA, Sweden, Canada, Italy and Spain and at the opening ceremony, children from Drymen Primary School will be carrying the teams’ national flags in the opening ceremony procession.
The championship itself will see anglers fishing in rivers and lochs in Argyll and Perthshire as well as locally at the Lake of Menteith and Carron Valley Reservoir.

To be honest, this year's event sort of snuck up on us and we failed to make arrangements with our team insider friends for coverage but we will be rooting for Team USA and North Carolina Native and Team Captain, Josh Stephens, (pictured above) just the same.

Team Manager: Walter Ungermann
Team Captain: Josh Stephens
Competitors: George Daniel
Lance Egan
Pete Erickson
Anthony Naranja
Mike Sexton
Devin Olsen - Alternate
Coaches: Vladi Trzebunia & Jerry Arnold

If any of our readers or perhaps team members out there have the hook up to keep us updated as the competition progresses drop me a line. We can probably come up with some schwag for the inside dirt.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Family Week: El Rojo

It must be "All in the Family"week here at Today I received this photo in my inbox from my Uncle Alfred Cornett of Hendersonville, NC wherein he taunts us with a Redfish slab that makes us wonder why we are sitting at a desk while our kin roam salty waters in flats boats.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kim Jong-il not fan of catch and release

but he is a fan of very very fresh sushi:

"I sliced the fish so as not to puncture any of the vital organs, so of course it was still moving. Kim Jong-il was delighted."

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Found in the wild

This weekend the Editorial Offspring and I drove up the mountain in search of somewhere to fish. The smallie water was blown out and muddy so we hit a pond full of bluegill with some dries. Jake came away with big fish honors for the day.

Monday, June 01, 2009

News: Orvis Announces Outfitter of the Year

May 28, 2009 09:28 ET

Orvis Names Two Rivers Emporium of Pinedale, Wyoming as 2008 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year

MANCHESTER, VT--(Marketwire - May 28, 2009) - At their annual Endorsed Operations Rendezvous in Bozeman, Montana, the Orvis Company announced Two Rivers Emporium of Pinedale, Wyoming as the Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year for 2008. Two Rivers offers float, wade and pack trips into some of the best fly fishing waters in the West, including the legendary Green River.

"A good outfitter needs to provide an outstanding experience on the streams, rivers and lakes they take their clients fishing, but also manage their retail stores in order to provide the best experience and customer service in an industry that has only become more demanding," said Dave Perkins, Vice Chairman of The Orvis Company. "Two Rivers Emporium not only excels in those areas, but pushes to improve the entire industry through their professionalism and on-going development of high education accreditation in the area of hospitality management and an emphasis in fly fishing. They are an inspiration and leader in this industry."

One customer recently said, "The first time I tried fly fishing, I was hopeless and guessed that I'd never get it. With all the help I received from the shop and guides, I learned the basics and now look upon fly fishing as a new and exciting part of my outdoor life."

For twenty years the Orvis Company has been recognizing excellence in
fly fishing lodges, fly fishing outfitters, and fly fishing guides through its Endorsed Lodges Outfitters and Guides program. Each endorsed operation has its own character, but all share the same high standards: great service, great fishing and an experienced, professional staff. These standards of excellence are continually reviewed by the Orvis staff and evaluated by visiting guests in post-visit critiques sent directly to The Orvis Company. Orvis endorsed operations cater to ability levels from beginner to expert.

Founded in 1856, and the recognized world leader in fly fishing gear, Orvis operates a chain of retail stores in the U.S. and England, runs a world class fly fishing vacations service, and numerous fly fishing schools around the country. Orvis donates five percent of pre-tax profits each year to conservation efforts. You can read more about Orvis on their website at
In addition Orvis also announced the following awards:
Jim Hickey of Bozeman, Montana Named Orvis Endorsed Freshwater Fly Fishing Guide of the Year for 2008

Paul Nelson's Farm of Gettysburg, South Dakota Named as Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Lodge of the Year

Capt. Steve Horowitz of Miami, Florida Named Orvis Endorsed Saltwater Fly Fishing Guide of the Year for 2008

Fisheads of the San Juan River of Bloomfield, New Mexico Named as Orvis Endorsed Guide Service of the Year

Spotted Bear Ranch of Whitefish, Montana Named Orvis Expedition of the Year

Hubbard's Yellowstone Lodge of Paradise Valley, Montana Named Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year for 2008

Colossal Callaway "Gill"

Fishing with Barry Bonds, A-Rod and Sammy Sosa this weekend at the FFF conclave, I landed some monster bluegills and shellcrackers. The other guys had no success but they kept drinking the water? The rubber-legged dragon fly was the go to fly as it is for my carpin' trips.           Capt. Paul Rose

Angler Lands Three: People that is...

This week's fly fishing quote of the week comes from a story on about a salmon angler who rescued three people from the water by casting to them and landing them.

"I was wearing waders and boots, so it wasn't very practical to try to get to them. If I became part of the problem, it wouldn't help anyone. The only safe way was to bite off the fly, so I (bit off the leader), and before I realized what I was doing, I started casting to them."

Precision casting saves lives.