Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hassan's 18 lb Wiper

Ali Hassan of the Denver, Colorado Hassans, taunts us with yet another picture of a massive white bass / striped bass hybrid (Wiper). This one was caught on a road trip to Nebraska during a time when he probably should have working and not fishing. Ali tells us that he had no luck until he took extreme measures to match the hatch by catching some of the local baitfish in his landing net.

On another note Ali is now's official Survival Editor. He will soon be providing us with an article on lessons learned in the wild during his recent trip. Lesson one will be no matter how thirsty you might be, don't ever drink lake water even if Bear Grylls says its OK to do so if you squeeze it through your shirt first.
Bonus points for the offspring shooting the Victory sign. Based on the cuteness of the kids we can only say that Ali must have a very lovely wife.

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Yakatut said...

we as a species are a bunch of panziez!