Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ever wonder?

What you have to do to become a member of Fly Fishing Team USA and represent our fair land at the 2010 world championships in Poland? Here is an excerpt from an email that explains it step by step:

Team selection for the Poland championships will be as follows: Two individuals from this year's World Championships qualified by their individual finish in Scotland. Those two are Pete Erickson and Mike Sexton. The top 3 Point System individuals since the last National Championship will be going to Poland. Finally, the 2009 individual National Champion will have a spot on this team. Once we have those spots filled, we will determine the starting lineup and the alternate. The 3 point system qualifiers will be determined from the accumulated points achieved since the 2007 National Fly Fishing Championships through the qualifiers at the end of July. We are doing this to be able to send this team to Poland 1 year prior to the championships to get prepared for the 2010 World event. So the only individual we will not know will be the 2010 National Champion which will be crowned in Oct.

The events that qualify for the point system to determine the Poland Team are as follows:

2007 National Championships - Boulder, CO
2008 World Fly Fishing Championships - New Zealand
2008 Pagosa Springs, CO
2008 Salt Lake City, UT
2008 America Cup - Frisco, CO
2008 Canadian National Championship - Mont Tremblant, CA
2009 Santa Fe, NM
2009 Michigan
2009 Bend, OR
2009 World Fly Fishing Championships - Scotland

The following events will also be included for the point total to make the roster for Team USA. Team USA will be selected at this year's National Championships by the Top 15 accumulated points from the 2007 National Championships to the 2009 National Championships.

*2009 SE qualifier
*2009 Bozeman, MT
*2009 America Cup
*2009 Canadian National Championship - BC
*2009 Boise, ID
*2009 US National Championship

Points are achieved through any of these events by finishing in the top 30% of the total competitors at any of these events. For example, at any regional qualifier, there has typically been 24 competitors. In order to get into the points one must finish in the the top 8 out of the 24 competitors. Obviously, the higher the finish the more points accumulated. In this example:

1st place = 2400 points
2nd place = 1200 points
3rd place = 800 points
4th place = 600 points
5th place = 480 points
6th place = 400 points
7th place = 343 points
8th place = 300 points

Competitions that are considered International (excluding the World Championships) have a mulitiplier of 3. World Championships have a multiplier of 5. Thus the harder the competition the more points it is worth to finish in the top 30%. Also the more the competitor numbers the more points available.These selection criteria as well as the Point system will be posted on the Team USA website. Updates to the website will be occurring on a consistent basis.

Just remember to sign your scorecards before you get back to the clubhouse.

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dave lindsay said...

poland didnt think there was any fish left there thought they had eaten them all , thats a bad problem we in the uk are suffering with eastern europeans eating every thing they catch regardless of size