Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gear: Lateral Line's Miles Technical Fishing Shirt

This gear comes to us via Twitter from Lateral Line. On the surface the Miles Technical Fishing Shirt might not look much different than any other tee shirt. However, it is more like a total redesign of the classic tee designed for anglers.

We were tired of wearing t-shirts that were designed with a square fit, were rough on the skin and held sweat while we were fishing so we built our Miles Technical T-Shirt. We designed it with two main things in mind: 1) Comfort, 2) Fit.
Comfort: To reach our comfort goal we set out to design a fabric that was soft against the skin, while also evaporating moisture from the body. With a blend of 20% soft cotton and 80% moisture-wicking polyester we managed to accomplish our goal with our Lateral Line technical T material. Once the material was woven we added an additional process to soften it to come up with the perfect technical t-shirt that can be worn as a regular t-shirt or under layers to help keep you dry.

Fit: To reach our goal we started from scratch and after weeks of alternations finally came up with a fit that is comfortable and roomy, yet has a little style to create a functional and stylish technical t-shirt that can be worn on and off the water.

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