Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On the Web: Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team

My little brother called today ( he benches about 400 so I probably should refer to him as my younger brother) and put me in touch with Tim "stew-rat" Stewart. Tim is one of the founding fathers of the Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team. Team Kayak Hardcore are a group of "Plastic Pirates" who menace the lakes and rivers here in North Carolina, paddling and making sore mouthed fish in the process. If you see a kayak flying their version of the Jolly Roger, you might as well strike your colors and heave to! One look at their manifesto website tells us that they are our sort of people.

We are Hardcore. We are kayak fishermen. We are a brotherhood of dedicated and experienced anglers continually honing our skills. We are united to pursue and promote the sport of kayak fishing. We are stewards of nature and fishery management advocates. For over 10 years Team Hardcore has been among the vanguard, blazing a path for the ever expanding Plastic Armada. Paddling silently past convention into uncharted waters while teaching and bringing others to the sport we love.

We are Hardcore. There is no off-season. Hardcore is all year, all conditions. We are wherever and whenever the bite is. Hardcore is 125 plus outings a year. It`s 4:30 a.m. roll-outs. Hardcore is adaptability to wind, rain, current, drought, fog, scorching sun, and frozen equipment. Hardcore is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle. Hardcore is not wanting to kayak fish. It is needing to kayak fish. Hardcore is knowing in your soul that you will never quit.

So grab a paddle, but leave your problems at home. Bring your rod, but leave your reservations on the dock. Anybody can help us but nobody is gonna stop us. Push, pull, or get out of the way, cause we`re gonna bring it .
Why these boys are almost family. Sidebar links added. Be sure to check out their video slideshow and watch for more news of their exploits here at

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Nice post, and thanks for the rod story, made me laugh.