Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Top Ten best fly fishing stuff I like

This is my own very subjective list in no particular order:
1. Fly rods- Temple Fork Outfitters- I know that Orvis has reinvented the fly rod with the Helios but even on the guide program I am looking several hundred dollars. TFO has made a great rod at a price point that will still let you get the GI Joe with the King Fu Grip for your kids for Christmas.
2. Fly tying material- Rabbit Fur strips. Zonker or cross cut. You can't beat the magic of bunny in the water.
3. Fly lines- Scientific Anglers Mastery Series. Best lines ever made.
4. All Round Inshore Fly- Seaducer. If you look at most of the flies in a saltwater pattern book they are derivatives of this simple pattern. Put a bunny fur tail on it and watch out.
5. Boat- Anything that honest to goodness draws less than 6 inches weighs less than 500 lbs and retails for under $15,000. Oh yeah there's only one- The Copperhead.
6. Push poles- Stiffy. Rules.
7. Outboards- Yamaha.
8. Fish- Anything that swims in shallow water that will eat a fly and take off like a shot.
9. Place- Home. There's no place like it.
10. Another Fish- The one at the end of my line.


Flying Ties said...

I absolutely agree on #4. Granted, my inshore and your inshore are different, and I use the Seaducers in fresh, not salt water, they have produced on some of the biggest shallow water "flats" smallmouth of the season for me, and in cold water.

Black with a Chart collar.

Murdock said...

Excellent list! I am sold on the Rabbit fur for sure after seeing that big red sip one that salt water muddler off the surface this past weekend.