Friday, September 12, 2008 Old Guys Love Us The site appeals to a mostly male, 50+, HH income up to $60k audience.

Via Quantcast - Well we never really tried to be "This is Fly."

We do have some exciting things in the works for the near future,if all goes according to plan. Plans include a radical site redesign (no page flipping software though) that combines the blog with the e-zine domain, the addition of a "Editor of Coarse Fishing" (read carp), installing a fly fishing artist in virtual residence, and articles about fly fishing the world from one of the biggest fly fishing outfitters in the UK.

I am also looking to expand our regional coverage so if you are interested in writing articles or blog posts about your "neck of the woods" drop me a note and lets talk. We don't pay but If you are a fly fishing guide or have something to sell we will give you lots of free advertising and as you can see old guys with a reasonable amount of money love us.

Meanwhile, next week we will be prowling the floor of the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver looking for paparazzi photos of fly fishing industry types in compromising situations to exploit for free gear new and exciting products of which we will surreptitiously snap photos and upload to this site via our super secret James Bond like spy camera / Crackberry. Thus giving our readers the scoop on goings on


Capt Gordon said...

You should hire me as your saltwater editor. i am editastic

Murdock said...

Dude - consider yourself hired.