Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fly Fishing Retailer 2008

Tennessee Editor Jay Moore and myself are currently packing our bags to head out to the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado. Our plans include several meetings with industry types, confabs with fellow bloggers, the consumption of malt beverages, and this year we have even managed to plan a meet up for some fishing with's Western Correspondent, The Sultan of Big Western Rainbow Trout, Ali Hassan.

This year we will be focusing on new gear and innovation in the fly fishing world with emphasis on some of the smaller companies who are doing some exciting things. We will attempt to refill our schwag can with all manner of free stickers and pins and etc (contrary to popular belief vendors do not throw fishing gear at the media at this sort of event.) Not that we wouldn't be open to that if anyone wanted to.

If you have questions you would like for us to pose to any of the gear company representatives leave us a note and we will try to get in front of them at the show and get an answer for you.
Of course, all of this is subject to them letting us in the door this year. We sent off our registration months ago and still haven't gotten the normal pre-show info packet nor have our emails been answered. This might be simply due to new show management. Oh well, if we don't get in it just means we will have more time at the bar to fish.


Pete said...

I can see the headline next week in the Denver Post: Gate Crashing Bloggers Disrupt Fly Fishing Trade Show

Send word if bail money is needed.

Murdock said...


I have your cell number in my phone under the caption "in case of incarceration"