Monday, June 02, 2008

Gear: Sonik Sports Fly Rods

Take two guys from the legendary angling company Hardy and Greys and a former Coca Cola marketer, wait six months for what has to be the shortest non-compete clause in the world to run out, then add a line of fly rods and you have Sonik Sports..
Performance to help you cast better, fish more effectively and maximise your whole experience of being on the water. Great rods should feel like a natural extension of your arm and allow you to pick up your line from the water effortlessly and present to a rising fish with precision and delicacy. Utilising a careful blend of the very finest Japanese ‘Toray’ carbon fibre materials, the rods feature smooth progressive tapers and easy load, responsive actions. Each component of the rods has been carefully selected to work well and look good. A no nonsense approach to fly rod design that pays dividends throughout long hours of use. Representing truly exceptional value for money, we are confident these rods will outperform other makes costing three or four times the price!
Price points for their SK3 & 4 fly rods, made from Toray Carbon Fibers, range from $129 to $239 (launch specials). Rods come with a 5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
If any of our readers "across the pond" have gotten hold of one of these we would enjoy hearing what you think about them. We are making inquiries and will let you know what we find out.
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baronjim said...

When you hold these rods for the first time, there is an obvious air of quality about them. It certainly gives you the feeling that you have an expensive rod in your hand, aesthetics are an important ingredient in premium rods! When handling these rods for the first time, they extrude quality. The aesthetics are what you would expect from premium rods costing hundreds of pounds! The blanks are aqua green in colour and nicely complimented by the lightweight machined marine grade aluminium real seat which is then hard anodised in black to prevent corrosion making a very usable rod.
check this site for a review of these rods, click the 3rd fly from the left, menu.
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Murdock said...


Thanks for the info about these rods. It is good to get some first hand info.