Friday, February 29, 2008

NC Fly Fishing Team In The News

Scott Parrott of Hendersonville, North Carolina's Times-News Online provided some excellent coverage of the NC Fly Fishing Team's February practice session.

Bryson City native Eugene Shuler founded the N.C. Fly Fishing Team in 2005. Shuler, who could fish before he could write, hoped the team would introduce more Tarheel State anglers to the emerging sport of competitive fly fishing. Shuler, a builder, appeared on national TV when he competed in the Fly Fishing Masters in 2004.

The competitive take on this quiet, solitary sport remains in its infancy in the United States, especially when compared to its avid following in Europe.

But Shuler says interest is growing here in the sport, where fly fishers face off rod-to-rod in casting and fishing contests.

Read the rest of Scott's article via Be sure to check out the video from the event as well.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Somebody forgot...

those classes he had in eliminating regional dialect. Another byproduct of the media attention for the NC Fly Fishing Team was an interview with one of the less talented members of the NC Fly Fishing Team Practice Squad.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Klinkhammer: A right big juicy steak

Quick! Someone corner the market...

The fishing industry discards thousands of tons of salmon sperm every year (it ruins the taste). Now Andrew Steckl, a photonics expert at the University of Cincinnati, has figured out how to use the refuse to get a 10-fold boost in the brightness of the organic light-emitting diodes used in cellphones, PDAs and some TVs.
Link via
Insert your own witty entendre laden comment here.

John Berry: Fishing High Water in Arkansas

Cotter, Arkansas fishing guide John Berry has advice for those coping with high water situations on Arkansas' White and North Fork Rivers. With our own White River fly fishing trip coming up this April you can bet we are listening to what he has to say.

At this water level, the fish are in side channels or over weed beds. They are deeper, and the current is greater. Therefore I use a longer and a stronger tippet (3X or 4X) and larger flies. You want the trout to be able to see them.

I also use a lot more lead to make sure that the fly ticks the bottom. To float this increased weight, I use the largest strike indicators that I can find. Once again you cast out from the boat and drift the fly with the boat. The secret is to set up the boat so that you will float by the weed beds at the proper distance for you to present your flies to the fish.

Read the article complete with high water fly selections via the Baxter Bulletin.

Orvis Helios Wins Field & Stream's Best of the Best

For the second year in a row Orvis has taken Field and Stream Magazine's award for best fly rod. The Orvis ZG Helios fly rod, which is known for light weight and castability, marks a true innovation in the world of high end fly rods.

From their press release:

While noting the gains Orvis made in creating the world's lightest fly rod, Field & Stream editors were equally impressed by the added distance and accuracy a Helios rod gives to one's cast:

"We tried to break it on big fish, but couldn't. We cast everything from dry flies to big streamers. It dropped midges on the money in ponds and busted foam hoppers through heavy winds, proving to be responsive and accurate on the light side, and burly in the down-and-dirty.

"And it cast well. In fact, we observed 10-to20-foot distance gains unfurl within a few casts for almost everyone. A 5-weight feels like a 3-weight; a 10-weight feels like an 8-weight. In the end, we were convinced you get what you pay for, and we couldn't quite say that about some other rods."

Read the entire release.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jay Moore: Hooked and Landed

Our friend and Middle Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore tied the improved cinch knot of a lifetime today in an island wedding at an unnamed Bahamian resort. Jay said that his honeymoon plans might include stalking bonefish on the flats. Since his new bride Tammy is also a fly fisher he just might pull that off without coming back divorced.
Our best wishes go out to newlyweds, Jay and Tammy Moore.

Tuesday Safety

Adventure Medical Kits Solo Kit

Ideal for one-to two-day solo back country blue line fishing trips.
Ultra-light and packed into a resealable Aloksak® bag for waterproof protection up to 200'.
Kit includes instruments, medication and wound/burn/blister care.

$10.95 via Sierra Trading Post

Monday, February 25, 2008

Old News: Fly Shop Closes

It's old news at this point but reports in the Knox News indicate that Knoxville's, "The Creel" fly shop is going out of business. Our fellow fly fishing bloggers pretty much nailed the story and stated all that needed to be said.

It's been death by less than a thousand cuts," Rogers said. "Across the country we've lost a third of the fly shops in a two-to-three-year span. The interest in fly fishing is there, we've just seen changes in the way people shop."

Read more about this story via Trout Underground and Moldy Chum. As it often is with the blogosphere some of the best points come in the comments.

North Carolina Fly Fishing Team Practice

More than twenty members of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team met this weekend for a practice session on the waters of the Davidson River near Brevard, North Carolina. Davidson River Outfitters operates a private section of the blue ribbon river and made it available to the team for the day. This was also the team's media event so reporters from several media outlets spent quality time with the team and some large trout. Several team members were interviewed by members of the media during the practice session

Things are picking up for the team as several members prepare for the upcoming Pisgah Fly Masters tournament which will be held in late March. Stay tuned for more information about the team in the near future.

Editor's note: The lack of serious fish porn from this event is due to editorial camera malfunction and not entirely due to the fact that the fishing was so good we failed to take very many photos.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vaseline Balls?

No its not a nickname for a sleazy fishing buddy. Its a steelhead bait developed by Dave Richey and his brother George. This Record Eagle article could be considered NSFW but only if your minds reside firmly in the gutter.

Vaseline balls were born in a motel room 40 years ago. What's that, you ask? Vaseline balls? Most people have never heard of them, but many years ago (December 1975) I did a feature story for Sports Afield magazine on the idea after we had kept it a secret for 10 years. Here's how to make them.
Buy several closed-cell kitchen sponges at a grocery store, and buy orange, pink, red and/or a reddish-yellow. Green produced a few fish for me. Buy a small jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly, and visit a drug store to buy a small bottle of anise oil (not anise extract. We also added a few drops of sperm oil. Why? Who knows? I guess because we had some at the time.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Misery: From the Corporate HQ of

When we open up today we learn that we are the 9th most miserable city in the United States. Thank the lord for Modesto, CA or we would have been 8th.
No. 9Charlotte, N.C.

Commute times 96
Income tax rates 107
Superfund sites 97
Unemployment 97
Violent crimes 140
Weather 88
Misery Measure 625
Charlotte ranked in the bottom 50% of all six categories that we examined. Its worst showing was in violent crimes (838 crimes per 100,000 residents). As home to banking giants Bank of America and Wachovia, Charlotte could see an uptick in unemployment, thanks to the problems at those banks.
They left off - 2 hours from nearest trout stream.
We are depressed and all job offers to places near trout streams are being entertained. We plan to do something about our sorrow tomorrow as we make the two plus hour drive to the Davidson River to hang out with members of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team.
Photo via Wikipedia

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fly Fishing Film Tour

Could events such as the Fly Fishing Film Tour be a catalyst for the sport the likes of which hasn't been seen since "A River Runs Through It?" Judging from all the news buzz and sold out shows at the AEG sponsored event there might just be a bit less space on the river this spring.
His group toured just 11 cities in 2006, its first year. That number swelled to 30 a year ago and now stands near 70 for 2008. Such success is sure to spawn a procession of imitators, as happened with the Miller ski films. Where it all stops is anyone's guess, but this much is certain: Find that spot and you'll have located the new heartbeat of fly-fishing.
You would think that its only a matter of time before this sort of thing catches on. When all these young film makers become famously rich and are living on private tiaman ranches in Mongolia we will be pleased to say we at were firmly on board when it all started.
The "Fish Bums" (we can only say that somewhere their is a ticked off John Gierach attorney story yet to be told) and the Fly Fishing Film Tour will be hitting our home town of Charlotte, NC on March, 13th at the McGlohon Theater. Tickets are on sale now.
Give us a shout in the comments if you are planning to attend the Charlotte event and maybe we will join you for a post show brew or two.

First Look: Filson Announces Women's Line

Classic outfitter Filson has announced that it will be launching a women's clothing line which will hit retail stores next month. From their press release sent out earlier today:
In response to strong demand from female outdoor enthusiasts, Filson (, an established hunting and fishing apparel and accessories brand with a 110-year heritage in the outdoor category, is launching its first women’s line, available at retail next month. This classic line, known for its iconic pieces engineered especially for these outdoor endeavors, incorporates the same first-class quality and performance in its men’s offerings that have established the Filson legacy in American apparel and gear history. The Filson tradition, revered by generations of customers, now is available for the most discerning outdoor female devotee.

Don't expect red plaid to be a big part of this new offering. Pictured above from the new line is the Women’s Feather Cloth Fly Fishing Long Sleeve Shirt MSRP $67.50. It will be available in Desert Tan (shown), Sunrise Yellow, and Salmon.

We expect to have more information on this new venture for Filson in the very near future. In the mean time check out our previous coverage of Filson including a first look at those ever elusive Filson waders.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Invasive Species: If you can't beat'em - eat'em

From our partners at comes news of this Op-Ed piece from the pages of The New York Times which offers that perhaps we should all develop a taste for invasive species.
The citizens of Fukui, a northern Japanese island, coped by marketing souvenir cookies flavored with powdered jellyfish. Returning from a fact-finding mission to China, a professor from Japan’s National Fisheries University offered up 10 different recipes for preparing Nomura’s jellyfish. “Making them a popular food,” he told a Japanese newspaper, “is the best way to solve the problem.”
Perhaps you'd enjoy a tasty plate of stir fried jelly fish as pictured above. What could be next? Rock Snot Salad? New Zealand Mud Snail Escargot?

Bad use of stock photography

This article announcing an extension of time to enter the Pisgah Fly Masters Fly-Fishing Tournament which will be held on the Davidson river in the mountains of Western, North Carolina uses a photo of a child spin fishing off of a pier.

Many anglers have expressed interest in the inaugural Pisgah Fly Masters fly-fishing tournament, leading to an extension of the deadline to allow maximum participation.
The proceeds from the $50 registration fee will benefit classroom construction at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. The new deadline is March 14.

Here is a link to more information about the event.

Design your own Sleeping Bag

Via PHD Mountain Software in the UK you can design your own custom sleeping bag. It's not cheap, especially with the dollar's current weakness. However, it is fun to play with. We await the design your own fly rod website.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bring your step ladder

Bill Hammons of Carson City, Nevada sends this photo of step ladder fishing on Pyramid Lake. Why the ladders? Longer casts and relief from cold water. The targeted fish is the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.
Thanks for the photo Bill!

Project Healing Waters 2-Fly - May 4th, 2008

The Eastern Blue Ridge Fly Fishers, a FFF chartered club, is hosting the 1st Annual 2-Fly Tournament Fundraiser for Project Healing Waters (PHW). PHW is a non-profit organization that has been utilizing fly fishing and fly tying in the rehabilitation of wounded servicemen and women at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the past two years.
The tournament is held on the private fly fishing waters of Rose River Farm in Madison, VA. Entry fee is $500 per two man team with the proceeds going to help our wounded heroes. Click here to sign up.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jeff Paisley Stalks Big Trout After Dark

In his latest article, Jeff Paisley, takes a look at the risks and rewards for fly anglers looking to catch large tailwater trout in the dark of night.
"We tried nymphing with no luck so I tied on a streamer and the river came alive. Bite after bite, fish after fish for the next four and a half hours. I would make long casts and use short but emphatic jerks on the retrieve. 17 casts in a row produced fish, with the biggest being landed right after the horn blew on the dam. I had fly fished for the last 20 years and had some great days on some fantastic rivers, but I had never been so satisfied from a fishing experience as on that night."
From the excerpt it sounds like things went well. We always love articles that require a disclaimer tacked onto the end. Click here to read the entire article.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How about some Pebble Gold with your Conflict Diamonds?

Via Moldy Chum comes word that a group of major jewelers have annouced that they won't be using gold from Alaska's planned Pebble Mine in their bling bling. With Valentine's day upon us the timing of their press release couldn't have been better.

As shoppers rush to buy last-minute Valentine's gifts, five of the nation's leading jewelry retailers -- Tiffany & Co., Ben Bridge Jeweler, Helzberg Diamonds, Fortunoff, and Leber Jeweler, Inc. -- today pledged their support to permanently protect Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale metal mining, including the massive proposed Pebble gold mine. The retailers, who had $2.2 billion in sales in 2006, took this step at the invitation of local Alaskans, who seek to protect wild salmon, clean water, and traditional Alaskan ways of life from the damaging effects of industrial metal mines.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fly Fishing Media Reference of the Week

Today's out of place fly fishing reference comes via FairLady Magazine and makes us cry out a resounding "WTF." pardon our Françoise. The article with the title "When he's got a headache" offers ladies advice on what to do to entice their husbands to give it up. Apparently there are men out there for whom the mere suggestion of a roll in the hay is not enough.

"if talking to him about your frustrations or wearing slinky underwear doesn't help, then accept that you may have to try another route. For instance, if you're the one who always initiates sex, stop. Instead, try to relate to your partner on a new and unexpected level: if he's mad about fly-fishing, show some interest in that."

Ladies, if you want to get the really good sex we have a few words for you..."learn to tie flies." Nothing gets a red blooded angler more in the mood than a sexy lingerie clad lady sitting at the vise in front of a a dozen freshly tied bead head pheasant tails. Not only will we give it up, we will probably wash your car to boot.

Pale Morning Media to represent Simms

PR Mogul, Drew Simmons of Pale Morning Media and Wicked Outdoorsy blog fame (where we got the above photo) announces an addition to the long line of companies that they represent for strategic public relations services.
for immediate release ...
Simms Fishing Products, the choice of professional guides,
chooses Pale Morning Media for strategic public relations

BOZEMAN, MONTANA (February 12, 2008) -- Simms Fishing Products (, the established guide’s choice for gear that embraces the elements in any conditions and any season, will partner with Pale Morning Media for public relations and strategic media support.

Founded in 1980, Simms creates high-performance waders, footwear, protective and insulated outerwear, technical apparel, lifestyle apparel, packs and accessories.

A leader in advocacy and conservation efforts, Simms directly supports numerous national and regional outreach efforts from the Atlantic Salmon Federation to Oregon Trout. They actively promote borderless causes such as the battle against aquatic invasive species and the fight to stop Pebble Mine. And they design a full range of products that enable anglers to better protect the places they love to fish.

“As Simms continues to grow, our vision remains the same: to be a leader both on and off the water,” said K.C. Walsh, president of Simms Fishing Products. “We sought a public relations partner with an acute understanding of the business, a passion for the brand, and a background in the industry. We found that rare combination with Pale Morning Media.”

A national communications firm specializing in the outdoor world, Pale Morning Media will work as Simms’ Agency of Record, combining primary-source public relations efforts with creative web 2.0 strategies to assert the brand’s leadership role.

Pale Morning Media represents numerous clients in the outdoor world including FlyFishing Retailer, the world’s largest fly fishing trade gathering, held annually in Denver, Colo.

“To me, Simms is synonymous with fly fishing. Their remarkable people, their innovative products and their passion for fishing have made them a true market leader,” said Drew Simmons, president of Pale Morning Media. “We’re honored to be working with such a premier brand and excited to help support the company’s ongoing success.”

Simms Fishing Products was started in 1980 by John Simms, a well-known and respected fishing guide and outfitter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (In the off-season, Simms was a ski patroller, lending his initials to the infamous S&S Couloir). Creative and passionate, John saw an opportunity to enhance the fishing experience by developing apparel and gear that was more comfortable, more durable, and better performing in a full range of fishing conditions.

The company grew consistently through 1993, when it introduced breathable waders in a pioneering effort with W.L. Gore & Associates. Simms’ breathable waders changed the face of fishing, and opened up new possibilities for the sport. That same year, a passionate angler and entrepreneur (K.C. Walsh) acquired Simms and relocated the business to Bozeman, Montana.

Today, Simms remains true to the original vision of the company, with a staff largely comprised of committed anglers who understand the importance of quality, dependable fishing gear.

Simms is the only wader manufacturer in the United States, and one of only three worldwide, that is licensed by W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. to make GORE-TEX® waders. Simms' products are sold nationally and internationally at specialty fly-fishing stores and select large format retail chains.

For more information about Simms Fishing Products, please visit, or contact Drew Simmons at 802.583.6069 or

# # #

drew simmonspale morning media / public relations & strategic media
5197 main street, number 9
waitsfield, vt 05673

Monday, February 11, 2008

Save Yaupon Pier

Another North Carolina fishing pier is poised to bite the dust. According to the North Carolina Fishing Pier Society, the bank that currently owns Yaupon Pier on Oak Island is planning to auction it to the highest bidder this March.
In December the town of Oak Island created a trust for the purchase of this pier that was established in 1955, along with state officials who are seeking grant money to fund a purchase. However, with the bank moving to auction next month it may be too little too late.
Fishing piers on the Carolina coast are getting scarce. More and more operators are selling to developers willing to pay major dollars for piers that struggle to survive at $7 a head for fishermen and $2 for walkers. This quote from the NCFPS website says it all:
The number North Carolina Piers have been in a steady decline since the mid 80's. We are down to twenty piers left and the future of many of those are in doubt. Now is the time for everyone that appreciates the beauty, excitement and relaxation of the North Carolina Coast to make the statement to elected officials, real estate developers and other who would eliminate the rich history of coastal North Carolina that "WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY IN THE NIGHT" and that "WE WILL NOT BECOME THE NEXT MYRTLE BEACH" and that if you are going to take our beaches you are going to have to "PRY THE SAND FLEA RAKE FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS" (just kidding). Please do not miss the opportunity to help save public access. What Oak Island is doing might serve as an example to help other communities save public access. Help stop the
privatization of the NC Coast
Photo via NCFPS (remind us not to swim off Yaupon Beach)

Project Healing Waters: Two Fly Tournament

Project Healing Waters has announced their second annual "Two Fly Tournament" to be held May 4th on the beautiful and trout filled waters of the Rose River that runs through Rose River Farm near Syria, Virginia. 30 teams will compete in the event with at least 10 of the teams being made up of corporate sponsored Pro/Vet teams.
Entry fees are $500 per team or $2,500 if you or your company would like to sponsor a Pro/Vet team. Follow this link to the entry/information form.
Watch for more information and coverage of this event here in the near future.
Project Healing Waters was featured in's annual Charitible Giving Guide.

Blogging the Charlotte Fly Show 2008

This weekend we made our yearly trip to the Fly Fishing and Wing Shooting Show in Charlotte, NC. The show was pretty much the same as every year but we ran into a few familiar faces. Excuse the crappy camera phone photos:

Scott Hed, Outreach Director for the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska. Scott was fresh off the plane and hard at work getting signatures on the petition to stop the Pebble Mine. Scott tells us that the fight to save Alaska's salmon run is going strong. Signatures gathered at this week's show are heading to the Governor of Alaska's mail box.

Noted author and Tennessee fly fishing guide, Ian Rutter of R&R Fly Fishing ,took a few moments to tell us about fly fishing for Small Mouth Bass. He also gave us the low down on our pal from the Trout Underground, Tom Chandler. We won't bore you with details, but we have the inside scoop indicating that slaw dogs, curvy mountain roads, and Tom don't exactly mix.

It's one of those "you had to be there" stories but lets just say this fellow might have a somewhat "un-natural interest" in the Trout Underground.

We also ran across our friend John Bass and the rest of the good folks from Project Healing Waters. We bought a raffle ticket for a sweet bamboo rod with proceeds going to this worthy cause. John also reminded us that we don't have a sidebar link to PHW. Something we are correcting right away.

Friday, February 08, 2008

This is Fly: Vindication

In the latest issue of This is Fly, page 21 points out that anglers of the species Piscus Gitrdunus drink Jack or Jim, Listen to Areosmith or Marley, and drive Tundra's or El Caminos.
We feel vindicated and feel for those anglers on page 23 that drive Lexus or Minivans and drink zima.
If you haven't checked out "This is Fly" be sure to do so. It's the sort of publication we would put out were we younger, talented, and had more time.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Deep Thoughts About Fly Fishing: Jack Handey

SNL staff writer, Jack Handey, of Deep Thoughts fame writes about his 2nd passion in this SFreporter article:

I can’t imagine someone trying fly-fishing and not loving it, but apparently that can happen. I know it’s a cliché, but fly-fishing is one of those meditative things. If the fishing is good, and you’re fishing hard, you can’t think of anything else but the fishing. Adding to the allure is that usually you’re in a beautiful outdoor spot, with flowing water. Also, you get to torture fish. Actually, I do feel guilty about that, but so far not enough to quit fishing.

“Marta says the interesting thing about fly-fishing is that it's two lives connected by a thin strand. Come on, Marta. Grow up.” - Jack Handey

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taylor's Fairy Tale Ball: Feb. 8th - Charlotte, NC

The story of nine year old Taylor King caught our eye in a recent posting on the Southeast Fly Fishing Fourm. Taylor suffers from Batten disease which is a neurodegenerative disease which most often strikes infants and children. The disease is always fatal. Taylor just underwent life extending surgery in Portland, Oregon. She came through well and is recuperating there now.
Taylor's friends and family are holding a "Fairy Tale Ball" February, 8th 2008. There will be a silent auction with proceeds going to the search for a cure for Batten disease. Members of the SEFFF have donated a guided fishing trip to be auctioned for this worthy cause.
From Taylor's website:
Taylor's Fairy Tale Ball will take place at Roof with a View on Hill Street near uptown Charlotte at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, February 8, 2008. Join us for this magical evening to support the search for a cure. In addition to fine food, music and dancing, guests will have the opportunity to bid on great items, including golf lessons, theater tickets, videography services and a two-week stay in Berlin, Germany, in a silent auction. The evening's program will feature David Pearce, Ph.D., a world-renowned Batten Disease expert from the University of Rochester. Tickets are $75 and include a tax-deductible donation to Taylor's Tale and the Batten Disease Support and Research Association (BDSRA).
Read more about Taylor and her family via their website:
For more information or to purchase tickets contact Lauren Maskowitz.

Does your trout have a healthy glow?

Perhaps you are fishing Lake Athabaska near Uranium City. It's listed as number seven on a list of Canada's top ten fishing destinations.
Here's a link to a Financial Post story about the mining town's reawakening.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Flies made of clay

Well Polymer Clay flies you "Shape and Bake." Follow this link via to see a sample.

Here comes the Judge!

but now according to ABC News he may well have to pay for his own fly fishing junket.
Often called fact-finding missions or educational seminars, critics say many of these trips are little more than judicial junkets which often cause serious conflicts of interest.

"They take judges to western resorts and they instruct them how and why to strike down environmental laws," said Doug Kendall, the executive director of Community Rights Counsel, a public interest law firm.

Capt. John Kumiski News and Fl Fishing Report

Space Coast Fishing Report from Spotted Tail 2/3/08

Upcoming Events:

-On February 12 I'll be speaking to the Backcountry Flyfishing Association in Orlando. Contact Bill Norton at 407.620.7639 for more information.

-On March 30 I'll be giving a program at the FFF Flyfishing Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Is this a great country, or what!?!?

Before the actual fishing report, a few words about the Somerset Fly Fishing Show-

While I'm at the show, most of my time is spent at my fly tying desk. That's why they invite me. Since I try to be responsible, that's pretty much where I stay. There's a lot of the show I never see. However, I did find a GREAT new product for fishermen, one that almost everyone who uses fishing line and who has the slightest amount of environmental consciousness, needs. Called the Monomaster, it is a waste line holder. All those little pieces of line that you generate every time you change flies or lures are just fed into the device, which is small, easily carried, easily used, and easily emptied. See a picture of it here, or visit their website at

I also saw two of my favorite artists there. Alan James Robinson uses nautical charts as the canvas for his paintings of fish and other wildlife. Mark Sussino specializes in underwater scenes, usually involving gamefish. Both are excellent artists. While I've never had the pleasure of fishing with Alan, I’ve fished with Mark a couple of times and he's an excellent fly angler, too. Visit their websites and check out their work. I think you'll like it, too.

Monday afternoon Tom Van Horn called and invited me to join he and Chris Myers on a no motor zone expedition on Tuesday. I jumped at the chance, since Tom has access to areas I do not. Tuesday morning found us launching from the NASA Causeway.
I’m not going to say we tore them up. The weather was beautiful in the morning. I found a large school of surprising small (10 pounds or so) black drum. I called Tom and he said he and Chris had found a school of large drum that I'd paddled past without seeing! I got two of the smaller fish, and Chris got one of the behemoths that was about 40 inches long. I went over to see if I could get one but by the time I got there the school was spooked and steaming off, pushing up a large wake. Good stuff.

I kept searching and found a large school of big reds. They were far from suicidal. After working it for about 30 minutes I got one to take a black redfish worm. There was only about two feet of fly line out of the rod when he took. I was all crouched down hoping they wouldn’t see me! The fish was a big one, 25 pounds anyway. I fought it for ten or twelve minutes and was gaining ground when the hook pulled out. I pulled the fly in to check it and the hook was bent out to a 90 degree angle.

I had several shots at tailing drum. A big gator chased me off one pod by giving me a threat display and growling at me. I hooked one more redfish before we left, and lost him too when the hook, not bent out, pulled. I ended up with two drum and a barely legal trout. Had two reds on but couldn't get the slam.

Wednesday Shawn Healy and I launched the Mitzi at River Breeze. While we found some fish, they were by no means thick. We couldn't get any to eat and only got a single strike, which I didn't connect on, all day.

Thursday Scott Radloff and I launched at Parrish Park, and hunted for fish all the way up past Scottsmoor. While we found a few fish we couldn't get them to eat and did not even get a bite.

Friday Dr. George Yarko and I launched at River Breeze. It was cloudy and windy. We found a few fish and while we certainly did not have a career day, he did get a single redfish and a beautiful trout of about 25 inches. It was good to handle a fish again!

Yesterday I ran the Show and Tell at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. I had six people come, a small turnout, but we had beautiful weather and everyone learned a lot.

Today I watch the Super Bowl, and take care of this fishing report and other administrative business. Since I grew up in suburban Boston you know I will root for the Patriots. I will also understand that there are way more important things than football, though.

Life is short- GO FISHING!!!

Life is great and I love my work!

John Kumiski
member Florida Outdoor Writers Association (, Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (, Indian River Guides association (

Brian Gillis' "Texas Teardrop"

El Paso, Texican Brian Gillis sent us these photos of his own teardrop camper project. He took the elegant and functional design one step further and turned his into a work of fishing art.

Brian says he can't wait to try his creation out on his yearly San Juan River trip. We can only wonder how Mr. Gillis plans on getting any fishing done with all the attention this sweet ride is going to get in the camp ground.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm back in the Carolinas, a bit lighter in the wallet, and sorely in need of sleep due to my last night in town attempt to keep up with Middle Tennesee Editor, Jay Moore and a group of partying internal auditors. We expect to have our fortatude tested occasionally by Jay, but never underestimate internal auditors, they are a quite a wild bunch after 3 AM.
Special thanks to my lovely and understanding wife Larissa for doing the blog posting (and sacrificing an expense check) during my trip.