Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fly Fishing Media Reference of the Week

Today's out of place fly fishing reference comes via FairLady Magazine and makes us cry out a resounding "WTF." pardon our Françoise. The article with the title "When he's got a headache" offers ladies advice on what to do to entice their husbands to give it up. Apparently there are men out there for whom the mere suggestion of a roll in the hay is not enough.

"if talking to him about your frustrations or wearing slinky underwear doesn't help, then accept that you may have to try another route. For instance, if you're the one who always initiates sex, stop. Instead, try to relate to your partner on a new and unexpected level: if he's mad about fly-fishing, show some interest in that."

Ladies, if you want to get the really good sex we have a few words for you..."learn to tie flies." Nothing gets a red blooded angler more in the mood than a sexy lingerie clad lady sitting at the vise in front of a a dozen freshly tied bead head pheasant tails. Not only will we give it up, we will probably wash your car to boot.

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