Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Invasive Species: If you can't beat'em - eat'em

From our partners at comes news of this Op-Ed piece from the pages of The New York Times which offers that perhaps we should all develop a taste for invasive species.
The citizens of Fukui, a northern Japanese island, coped by marketing souvenir cookies flavored with powdered jellyfish. Returning from a fact-finding mission to China, a professor from Japan’s National Fisheries University offered up 10 different recipes for preparing Nomura’s jellyfish. “Making them a popular food,” he told a Japanese newspaper, “is the best way to solve the problem.”
Perhaps you'd enjoy a tasty plate of stir fried jelly fish as pictured above. What could be next? Rock Snot Salad? New Zealand Mud Snail Escargot?

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