Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There is a new Sheriff in town....

FlyFishMagazine's Editor and Middle Tennessee correspondent Jay Moore are both being forced to travel to Las Vegas for a series of grueling meetings, lasting no less than 18 hours per day, having to do with their day jobs. In their absence the real boss around these parts will be taking control of all things FlyFishMagazine! In case you don't know who really runs things around here allow us to introduce you to the Editor's lovely trophy wife, Larissa. Larissa dabbles at fly fishing and has a love for the mountains. She is also witty, highly intelligent, and darn cute.

Please be kind to her and do not, under any circumstances, let her know how much we have lost at the tables or how much fly fishing equipment we actually own.

Note: The opinions of Larissa are not necessarily the opinions of However, we pretty much do as we are told.

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