Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ethanol or Groundwater?

Could the E85 in your tank leave you feeling a bit thirsty? According to this article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune it might.
The issue was brought into focus last year in Granite Falls, where an ethanol plant in its first year of operations depleted the groundwater so much that it had to begin pumping water from the Minnesota River.

It takes between four and five gallons of water to produce a gallon of ethanol at a biofuel plant, and with 17 ethanol plants now operating in the state, six under construction and 10 more proposed or in the planning stages, the threat of more drains on underground water are rising.

With water woes becoming an ever increasing issue across the US. Anglers might wish to pray for rain.

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Biofuelsimon said...

My usual thoughts about water is who has first dibs farmers or the people who live in cities and towns. But of course there are the fish in the rivers, and what is the use of owning the riparian rights to a stretch of fine chalk-bedded trout stream if there ain't no water in it for the fish?