Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wifely Duties

While the husband / Editor is away in Las Vegas, hard at work, sitting in meetings and going to banquets and receptions with "premium open bars" I, the Editor's wife, thought I might tell you about this past weekend's shopping trip.

We were out running errands so that my husband could complete his extensive "honey do" list before his trip. Since part of our errands took us past our local Gander Mountain store, I told him we should stop in and look for deals on clothes. He didn't put up much of a fight and reluctantly accompanied me into the establishment. He went his way and I went mine, finding some excellent deals on clothing mark downs. He did an excellent job of holding clothes and nodding appropriately when I tried things on.

As we were about to check out I told him he really should go and look at the fly rods on display just in case there were any deals. He reluctantly agreed and walked down the aisle giving the fly rods a only a cursory glance. I suggested he take a look at the rod that had the clearance tag on it marked down to $49.97. He took a quick look at it, did a double take, picked it up and immediately headed for the cash register. He said something about it being a five piece, 9 foot, 9 weight rod, by a famous company and with a lifetime warranty. From his haste I thought that it must have been a pretty good deal.

As he walked from the store to the truck in the parking lot (the one I bought him last year) he looked glassy eyed and kept mumbling something about Captain Ahab and a Lake Norman white whale.

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