Thursday, October 04, 2007

National Fly Fishing Championship: Day One

Thanks to some good friends, (Paul Prentiss of Front Range Anglers and Colorado Trout Unlimited), we are happy to bring you coverage of the first day of the National Fly Fishing Championship currently taking place near Boulder, Colorado. We don't have all the anglers names yet but regular readers will know that we recognize the determined young lady in the Penn State cap. She is Southeast Qualifier, Heather Sietz.

Communication from the competition site is at best difficult, but we should have some updates on the various angler's standings in the very near future.

All Photos are credited to John Crane of John Crane Photography, P.O. Box 270166, Fort Collins, CO 80527-0166 tel: +1 970-229-1462 and used with the permission of Mr. Crane and Colorado Trout Unlimited.

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What a joke!