Thursday, October 04, 2007

National Fly Fishing Championship: Standings

Here are the individual placings from the first day of the National Fly Fishing Championships:

1. Scott Robertson USA-3
2. Anthony Naranja USA-2
3. Graham Lumsdon British Army
4. George Daniel USA-2
5. Mike Sexton USA-1
6. Chris Galvin Midwest-2
7. Tim Emery Midwest-1
8. Loren Williams West-1
9. Edward S. Pinkston USA-3
10. Pete Erickson USA-1
11. Riley Cotter USA-3
12. Josh Stephens USA-1
13. John Buckley Shamrock
14. Norman Maktima West-2
15. Jay Buchner USA-2
The team competition standings thus far look like this:
USA-1 49 Placing Points
USA-2 55 Placing Points
USA-3 63 Placing Points
West-1 66 Placing Points
West-2 69 Placing Points
Stay tuned for daily updates through out the competition. Standings in these events can change quite rapidly.

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