Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fly Rod Bling

What do you get when you take a master goldsmith / jeweler and turn him loose on the world of fly rod building? Press release follows:


J. Marcus, a Master Goldsmith with over 35 years hands-on experience working at the bench in the jewelry trades introduces one-of-a-kind, handmade, reel seats, ferrule plugs and other fly rod jewelry.
The term "fly rod jewelry" has been much bandied about for the last few years. Although a few suppliers of metal and wooden parts for fly rods have made items that are of good quality and appearance, few or, perhaps, none of them have possessed the knowledge, skills and experience of a real goldsmith. Now J. Marcus, a master goldsmith with more than 35 years of bench experience in the jewelry trades, and a fly fisher since the age of six, enters the field. His reel seats and other fly rod parts reflect years of experience crafting high-end, one-of-a-kind personal jewelry in precious metals and gems. He has experience in building fly rods and has associated for many years with split cane rod builders, whose preferences helped shape the nature and appearance of the J. Marcus line of products.

J. Marcus’ reel seats are crafted of nickel alloy ("nickel silver") ornamented with precious metals such as 18K gold. The inserts are turned from fine woods and inlayed with fossil ivory, rare minerals, precious metal and gemstones. Most of the seats contain an area of fossil ivory where the purchaser may have the reel seat personalized in scrimshaw.

The J. Marcus website also offers hand-turned ferrule plugs of fossil ivories and other quality materials, as well as a selection of his handcrafted custom jewelry.

If you would like more information about this topic, visit the J. Marcus ~ Fine Handmade Reel Seats website at: or please call: Marc (J. Marcus) at: 360/647-5195 or email Marc at:

He sources his exotic woods from sustainable sources or dead fall and even makes use of scraps from other woodworking shops that would normally be thrown away.

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