Sunday, September 09, 2007

SRN: Sierra Summits Skin Products

This is an official Schwag Reception Notification or SRN as we call them here at the In the interest of full disclosure we thought that we should let you know that Dennis Peek with Sierra Summits Skin Products mailed us a nifty Adventure Traveler Gift Pack which includes a tube of High Altitude Adventure Sunblock (SPF 30), a tin of Superfly Therapeutic Lip Ointment (promptly seized by my balm addicted spouse), and a sport stick of Sierra Summits Trail Healer - All Natural Healing Balm (currently soothing a nasty spider bite on my leg.)

Our intention is to give these products a thorough field test after the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver next week. The High Altitude sunblock should prove most helpful as our post show accommodations are situated well above 8,000 foot mark. More on those later.

Their website also contains an excellent section on skin cancer prevention called Derm 101.

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