Thursday, September 06, 2007

West Virginia Fish Kill

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Reports indicate that a speeding fuel truck is responsible for a massive fish kill on Elkhorn Creek in McDowell County, West Virginia. The truck spilled over seven thousand gallons of fuel onto the creek's banks. This quote from an article by Charles Owens of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph pretty much says it all.

"Noe said officials with the Department of Natural Resources were still working Wednesday evening to determine the extent of the fish kill.“Everything is pretty much dead,” Noe said of the aquatic life in the affected area. "

Ironically the river was once used to wash coal from area mines and was so polluted for much of its history that many people thought that trout could never survive there. Internet lore has it that in the 70's a stocking truck broke down and dumped its contents into the creek creating the trout population that was thriving there until yesterday. We can only hope it bounces back yet again.

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