Thursday, July 05, 2007


Carolina Redfish Guide Captain Gordon Churchill came across this disgusting example of bad sportsmanship while on a recent redfish trip near Morehead City, North Carolina. The saddest part of the whole story is that the owner of the gill net was cited and given the maximum fine. A whopping $35 plus court costs of $110. I'm not sure which is the bigger crime, the untended net that took out a dozen nice reds or the pitiful fine.

***Update**** Here is the link to the original Mike Zlotnicki article in the News & Observer.


El Pescador said...

good reporting murdock. keep trying to influence and inspire solutions to this crisis and others affecting the environment. i believe in the power of one.

Gordon said...

Did you happen to see Mike Zlotnicki's column in the News and Observer on Thursday (in the Outdoors section) not sure if you want me posting links here but it's still up.
Capt Gordon

Murdock said...

Thanks Gordon. Feel free to post links at any time. I had read it but failed to link to it in the original posting. Great work using your camera to bring attention to this waste of resource.

Murdock said...

el Pescador,

Thanks for the good words but the real credit for this should go to the News and Observer's Mike Zlotnicki and Capt. Gordon. Hopefully some good can come of this.

El Pescador said...

Thanks for caring Mike and Capt. Gordon. Remain diligent....and try to remain positive.