Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shameless Commerce

I almost forgot to tell you about this month's deals from our favorite purveyors of fly fishing gear goodness. I suppose the deals were so good that I subconsciously wanted to keep them to myself.

Speaking of the subconscious, last night I had a dream about fly fishing. I was casting to huge salmon and rainbow trout all night long with everyone taking me into the backing. It was one of those dreams that made waking up disappointing. I suppose this can only mean that I am feeling a definite need to get out from behind my desk and into a river somewhere.

Coupon 125x125
Sierra Trading Post comes to the rescue with one of their best offers of the year thus far: 10% off all orders of $100 or more. Remember you can easily find what you need - sorted by brand name no less, by visiting the Deals on Gear page at Just note the item number and click through the link above to get the deal., Inc.
You might not think of when you are looking for deals on fly fishing gear. However, from time to time you can find some excellent deals on fly gear and they always have great selections of books and DVDs about the sport at great prices. They offer our readers 7% off all orders with no minimum purchase. Use the link above and check out their pro's choice 120 fly assortment (catalog # 10426381 ).

GI Joe's
Their assortment of fly rods is a bit limited but 15% off all fly rods at Joe's is nothing at which to sneeze.

Thompson Cigar
Finally, those crazy guys at Thompson Cigar are selling 30 premium handmade cigars with a carrying case for less than a buck a smoke! They can't be making money. Buy these now before their bankers get wind of what they are doing.

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