Sunday, July 08, 2007

Float Tube Safety

Float tubes are a great and easy to carry way to leave the crowds behind and reach water that might not be accessible otherwise. The recent death of a float tuber on the Clark Fork river reminds us that they (like all watercraft) are not without risk.

Dennis said Stover was fishing from a u-shaped float tube, commonly known as U-tubes or U-boats. Stover, who was safety belted into the float tube, tipped over and was unable to right himself.What caused Stover to tip over is still being investigated, Dennis said. Stover was not fishing by himself.

Here is a link to some information on float tube safety. On moving water I suggest sticking to a pontoon. They can still turn over but to me they just feel more substantial.


Tom Chandler said...

Uhhh... "safety belted" into his float tube??

I can't for a second understand why anyone would do that.

Or for that matter, how you tip over a tube. I tried to do that once, and couldn't do it.

But then, I'm like you -- I'd never use one on moving water.

Murdock said...

I agree Tom. Except for the stripping apron. Nothing keeps me in my Pontoon but my large hindquarters.