Monday, June 18, 2007

Leaving Las Vegas

Our work in Las Vegas is now complete. We really did have a few days of meetings to attend in Sin City...really we did. As for the results of our wagering, both PGA golfer Adam Scott ( our long shot pick for the trip) and NASCAR Driver Jimmy (could have used a few more gallons of gas) Johnson let us down in the sports book. The roulette wheel was kind to us, then unkind to us, then kind to us yet again but to a lesser extent. The Blackjack dealers were not our friends, but we did OK at the craps table.

We kept tripping over celebrities at the Palms, seeing Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame with his hair down and running into, sort of literally, Dennis "Easy Rider" Hopper on his way to dinner.
We were rather surprised when someone told us that Jay was chatting up the ladies outside our hotel. We knew our pal Jay Moore was supposed to be back in Nashville blogging for us while we were in Las Vegas, so you can imagine that we were relieved to find out it was another guy name Jay and not our own Middle Tennessee Editor.

If you watch for this week's "Jay Walking" segment you might just catch a glimpse of us in the crowd.

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