Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dads & Sons

Happy Father's Day to all of us fly fishing Dads and Sons. I wanted to show you two of my favorite photos. The first picture (a bit fuzzy due to a camera dunking) is of my Dad. He is a full time Baptist minister who both pastors a church and heads up Touch the World Ministries. Had he not been called to become "a man of the cloth" I am quite certain he would have been a CEO, famous explorer / adventurer, or had he been born a few decades later quite possibly and extreme athlete. Dad regularly visits locations such as Africa, Eastern Europe, and Haiti and has been able to make a difference in literally hundreds of thousands of lives in the third world. He is most certainly the hardest working person I have ever met.

The second photo is of my 15 year old Son. He is a great kid who has excellent taste in music, plays the bass guitar, and is never too cool to spend a day on the creek bank with his decidedly un-hip Father. This photo shows him decked out in his best rock and roll fly fishing garb on a day where the temps were hovering around the five degree mark. He recently started a blog and was nice enough to provide a link to

I am proud to be related to both of them!

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