Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Midweek link and release...

I have had a full week so far and according to the calendar it's only half way over. The Fly Show and Lying and Tying coupled with a Superbowl have meant that I have been on the go pretty much non-stop. It feels good to sit down to the computer and see what some of our fellow fly fishy bloggers have been posting of late:

Alistair from The Urban Flyfisher posts about the benefits of carrying a monocular in one's fishing vest. He considers it required safety equipment:

If I cannot see someone there is always the possibility that they have been swept away to their watery death. My trusty monocular can then be used to sweep the banks looking for their now ownerless rod which can be stashed safely in the back of the car.

Pete "the guy with the best job on earth" McDonald from Fishing Jones found this perfect example of "standing room only" marketing in a fly reel that can be had for $600 everywhere but at this site where it is $9,700. It does come with free line and backing.

Tom Chandler from The Trout Underground remembered his camera has been taking some great pictures.

We also need to remind you of a couple of contests you might want to enter:

Those wild and crazy guys from Moldy Chum are giving away free reel pure gear to winners of their slab of the month contest.

Dan Bachman over at the Tattered Fly is having a photo contest with the winner getting their mits on some serious schwag.

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