Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Fishing Rod For Caleb

What do you do for a youngster, Caleb Bouchard, who dreams of catching a fish but only has the use of his left index finger due to cerebral palsy? Well if you are the Appalachian State University department of Technology you invent a special fishing rod to help him do just that.

“When Norma got in contact with me, I decided to try and help out by getting some of my students to design a device that would enable Caleb to fish,” Banks M. Talley, assistant professor in the department of technology, said.“My class spent almost an entire semester working on it, and it went through many revisions and changes,” Talley said.
The device makes it possible for Caleb to cast and reel in his line with the push of a button.
(Editors Note: Appalachian State University is the Alma Mater of my lovely wife. They are the two time NCAA Division I AA national football champions and, according to her, far superior to my own Alma Mater. However, they do not now, nor have they ever held a National Clogging Championship)


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