Friday, December 01, 2006

The Dorito are running on the Outerbanks

Yes, you read that correctly. We said Dorito not Dorado.

Thursday of this week the Outerbanks of North Carolina was the site of what might be nothing short of the states first ever tortilla chip hatch. A cargo container full of Doritos brand chips broke up and washed ashore after apparently falling off of a ship somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. The tasty chips were strewn across a large section of the once pristine beach. The nacho cheese flavored snacks are kept in airtight bags and as a result the chips remained edible. Beachcombers launched an impromptu salvage operation with many scoring cases of the triangle shaped munchies.

It has not yet been determined if this coastal feast was the result of a seagoing accident or simply part of an elaborate sting operation conducted by the DEA and Coast Guard in an effort to attract large numbers of hungry cannabis users to a central location for easy round up.

Photo by Donna Bennett of the Virginia Pilot via

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