Friday, December 01, 2006

80 Feet of Waterline and Nicely Making Way...

When I saw this neon sign for the first time, I understood just why I came this way. The truth is we need to give some props to our fellow bloggers, so we bring you a few of our favorite recent fly fishy links.

Our pals from Moldy Chum are having a "Slab of the Year" photo contest that would make any fisherman drool. They are even giving away prizes for the year's best pic.

Speaking of photos, prolific angler, writer, and photographer, Tom Chandler from The Trout Underground, has a photograph gracing the cover of a new book titled "Oregon Bamboo." The ever modest TC titled the post "Is there anything I can't do?" The photo looks pretty sharp so we must say that we are starting to believe that there isn't.

Pete McDonald from the Fishing Jones and Fishboat blogs (and editor of Boating Magazine) has a well written article about fishing world record seeker, Dr. Martin Arostegui. Dr. Arostegui fishes for species most anglers turn their nose up at and he has much fun doing it.

and last but not least, Alistair celebrated his first wedding anniversary.

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