Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fishing's "Blues Brothers"

Charlotte, North Carolina fishing guide, Gus Gustafson writes about a group of Carolina anglers known as "The Blues Brothers" and their annual pilgrimage to fish the Outer Banks. It looks like this year's trip was a good one!

Bluefish were everywhere. The spit of sand became quickly crowded with everyone wanting a piece of the action. Fishermen stood shoulder-to-shoulder and cast into the fray. As soon as one angler left his spot to reel a bluefish ashore, another took his place. Fish were flopping everywhere and dozens more were tugging and trying to shake the lure. The blitz lasted until dark. By then, everyone had had a great time catching fish.

The Charlotte Observer article also includes some information about North Carolina's new saltwater fishing license requirement that goes into effect January 1st.

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