Friday, November 10, 2006

Texas Flyrod

A year or so ago I used a Hexagraph fly rod for the first time. My cousin Kenneth had purchased one because a guide out West told him that if he could only have one flyrod, it would be a Hexagraph. I used it for about five minutes and liked it but really did not get the feel of it. Since then my brother in law Richard and his son Barrett both got one, so I had to get one too. Mine is an 8'6" 5wt. that is by far the best rod I own. It is effortless to cast and I can fish it all day without tiring. All of us bought the same rod, which is a matte green finish that is not always available. If you get the fully finished rod, it can run you up to $800.00, but if you call the folks in Kingwood, Tx., you might find one that you can get for less than 400.00. I know it's still a lot for a rod, but all of us are native Texans, and we just can't pass up a chance to support our home state.

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