Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's move to Belize

The nation of Belize has been trying to attract retirees from around the globe to live in the exotic Central American Country. As a fly fisher the thoughts of unspoiled bonefish flats and a favorable exchange rate could be rather tempting. The Charlotte Observer has an interview with an Canadian ex-patriot who took the plunge.

We like to call it "going uncivilized without going uncivilized." You can live in pristine beauty. Unlike at Cancun (Mexico), you're not competing with people on the beach; it's not one hotel after another. On the beach, you'll see manatees in the water, but no jet-skis. No ships on the horizon. In that sense, it's a virgin area - a community for people who like this kind of microclimate.

Of course such endeavors are not without risk.

A recent spate of robberies has occurred on side roads in the western area of Belize. One woman was sexually assaulted and one man was wounded when a bandit, firing randomly, shot the tourist in the arm. (from the US State Department Website.)

If you still think there might be a shack on a bonefish flat in your future then follow this link.

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