Monday, October 09, 2006

Angling for Political Office

Could this election bring about a fly fisherman's lobby? Candidates in Colorado might just think its worth courting. Scott Tipton a Republican who is running for a seat in the 3rd congressional district spent a recent day touring the factories of Ross Reels and Scott fly rods.

One problem at Scott Fly Rods is foreign competition, Catsman told Tipton. "We are the only (rod maker) in America making a rod under $200," Catsman said. "All the rest are outsourced to China."

Brad Befus, Sales Manager for Ross Reels wasn't sure who he would vote for as of yet.

"I know he does some fly fishing and so does his campaign manager, "Befus said. "He said in one of his campaign commercials he was fly-fishing and using a Scott rod and a Ross reel."

Editors note: Sorry for the title of this posting. It is definitely one that I would hate if I saw it used in the media. I just couldn't help myself. I put it in the same league as "Fly fishing reels in eager anglers" UGH!

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