Monday, October 09, 2006

Virtual Salmon

Nick Mills, Maine Today's Virtual Angler, gives me the notion that we must find some way to get a salmon run here in the Carolinas.

"I tied on a Straw Man, tied by master fly tyer Doug Mawhinney of Mexico, cast it across the current, let it drift, then swing, then hang. About three seconds into the hang, a fish nailed it. Big fish. Felt big. Then it jumped, and I could see it wasn't just a big fish but an ohmygod fish. What follows could be a long story. I'll simply say the battle went on for about 45 minutes and drew a crowd. Other guys quit fishing to sit on the bank and watch. But what we had was a standoff. The fish had his weight working for him, but also the current. All I had was a 4-weight rod, a 4X tippet, and an anchored boat, to which I could simply not bring that fish. "

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BCM said...

Nick's blog entry paints a perfect depiction of what big migratory fishing is all about. Although a 4wt is seriously undergunning it