Monday, October 09, 2006

Smith "Action" Optics - New Product

When it comes to being a successful fly fisher you cannot discount the importance of a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. It is much harder to catch a fish that you cannot see and wading a slick rock filled mountain stream without a good look at the bottom can be very dangerous.

I just received the 2007 catalog for Smith "Action" Optics polarized product catalog and their Chamber design caught my eye. They were designed with professional fishing guides in mind and feature extra large lenses and total polarized protection for your eyes.

According to the Peter Crow, General Manager of the Smith Action Optics Polarized collection, "the Chamber is an ideal large-fitting, guide-quality, fishing frame." "With extra large eye coverage and a deep variety of polarized tints, the Chamber gives you both the choices you want and the protection you need."

The lenses are available in eight unique tints including photochromic lenses. The Chamber's "wrap-style" lenses and tapered lense technology helps deliver distortion free straight ahead and peripheral vision. They are covered by Smith's lifetime warranty. For more information visit

One of the questions that you invariably hear debated hotly on the fly fishing message boards around the net is weather an angler should spend the money on more expensive polarized lenses vs. the cheap discount store models. Typically the more time an angler puts in on the water the more important having high quality eye protection becomes to him or her.
(photo courtesy Smith Optics)

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