Monday, September 18, 2006

Denver, Colorado Again

In a bizarre twist of fate, tonight I am in Denver, Colorado. In an even more bizarre twist of fate I have once again ended up in the Wynkoop Brewery drinking gratis Rail Yard Ale. I was here just a few weeks ago doing the same thing for the FFR show so I am having a major case of Deja Vu.

While enjoying the company of a group of co-workers I received a call from Zugbug who reported that he had managed to outfish Paisley during today's session on the White River in Arkansas. No verification from Paisley as of yet so you have to take Zug's report with a grain of salt. The results of the yearly go cart races have not come in as of yet. While we await the results of this macho challenge check out some Tuesday fishy links:

Tonight on the Denver Channel 4 news they report on a Bolder student who's apartment was invaded by a mountain lion. Luckily she was out camping and was not home when the mountain lion broke in.

Did you know that there is an fishy Area 51 off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina? It is a secret fish attracting reef that is being used as part of a study to see if such structures could be used as nurseries to help replenish fading fish stocks.

Have you met the fish pedaler?

Finally this morning ,the BBC reports that police are investigating the theft of trout from a UK hatchery. It is interesting to note the method the thieves used to capture the trout. It is thought that a substance was introduced to the water, which reduced oxygen levels in the water, causing the fish to float to the water's surface.

More posting as the jet lag subsides.


Moldy Chum - E Bun said...


Back to the scene of the crime my man! Good to hear. Hope you had some time to wiggle your rod this time!


Murdock said...


The sad thing is that my day job has required my attention from sunup to sunset and it is back to Charlotte first thing in the AM. I really need a full time gig as the reel pure gear tester.