Sunday, September 17, 2006

The tie that doesn't exactly bind

Mark Taylor of the Roanoke Times tackles the age old chasm between bait fishermen and fly fishermen.

In the eyes of plenty of fly anglers, conventional tackle anglers are a bunch of bait-chucking, worm-plunking, fish-killing, stream-littering, resource-abusing rednecks.

Many conventional fishermen don't think much of fly-fishers, either, considering them a bunch of fancy pants, "River Runs Through It"-watching, influence-peddling, elitist poseurs who think that money can buy fishing bliss.

The attitude is not good for anyone.

All we are saying... is give peace a chance.


Trout Underground said...

I didn't really buy into his article. He's mixing several different ideas (on-stream etiquette in the case of the angler fishing too close), and resource issues (C&R vs. C&Kill in the Jackson River example).

Realizing that there are at least two groups looking to access the same resource in fundamentally different ways allows us to tackle the problems for real.

It's not so simple as everyone "just getting along."

Murdock said...

As always, a good point Tom. I think that regardless of type of angling there is no excuse for a lack of good stream etiquette. How much different would many encounters be if the offending angler simply asked before sloshing into the water?

Trout Underground said...

I agree. In Maine, an angler walked behind and asked me if I'd rather he fished above or below my water.

Since I was pretty much done, I told him to take whatever he wanted. Wouldn't have mattered if he were fishing a fly or spin rig.