Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Perfect Match?

"Everybody run, the homecoming queen has got a gun" so goes the 80's pop song. However, in this case it is the 90 year old Katie Barringer Watson and the gun looks to be a .30-30. I don't think running would help you because she is a darn good shot. Ms. Watson hunts deer and wild turkey and is also an avid fly fisher.

"As an angler, she takes special delight in catching big bream and shellcrackers from farm ponds around her home while using a fly rod. She also frequents spots on the S.C. coast at Cherry Grove Pier."

She has been pretty successful

"I've bagged approximately 75 deer in my life, 26 of them since I turned 80 years old," Watson said. "In 1993 I killed two deer with one shot -- a large doe and a button buck that was standing behind her."

Maybe we should introduce her to 93 year old Bud LaRocque of Ithaca, NY. He credits his longevity to a family tradition of outdoor life.

"He still drives, does woodworking, builds fly rods, ties trout flies, hunts the elusive wild turkey, bags a deer or two each fall and is a constant companion of John W. DeBell of Hayts Road, Town of Enfield."

Maybe this is the start of a new fly fishing match making website: FlyfishingEharmony.com

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