Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Copious Creekside Crime

It seems that creekside crime is not limited to the South Holston River in Tennessee. In fact these anglers from Chalumna, South Africa had a harrowing time while fishing on the Kiwane River. A police spokesman said that the anglers were investigating the theft of a CD player from one of their cars when "suddenly bottles started raining on them from a nearby hill," They tried to reach safety by swimming to the other side of the river only to be set upon by two more attackers who were waiting for them there. Authorities believe 12 men attacked the anglers with Pangas (large knives). Makes you wonder what kind of creekside retribution they favor on the dark continent. (editor's note: sorry for all the alliteration in the post titles tonight. Sometimes I just can't help myself.)

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