Monday, December 26, 2005

Grinch Visits South Holston River

I hope that you had a great Christmas and that Santa filled your waders (hung by the fire with care) with lots of goodies. has a reminder that the grinch still hangs around fishing holes. This time he is stealing out of anglers vehicles on the South Holston river and it is causing some folks to fish elsewhere. We have some first hand knowledge of this problem as one of our fishing buddies, Garwood, had his fishing gear stolen at the same place. Local authorities are doing what they can but the only thing that would possibly put and end to it might be the dispensing of some streamside justice. Does anyone know the proper technique for horse whipping someone with a four weight fly rod? Preferably one with a life time warranty.

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zane anderson said...

I live near this great river and notice a lot of out of state tags on the cars parked along side of it. Most locals just ignore it.

How sad to think that expensive tackle has been taken and likely sold for almost nothing. Likewise, the damage to one's vandalized car is almost always more than we first expect. Sighhhhhh... I thought all of this was to be fun.

Wonder if fisherman would pay to have someone watch their vehicles as they are in the water? If so, what would be a fair fee for such peace of mind?

I have two teenage sons who might offer such a service if there is any demand. Reply with your ideas, please, to da AT Thanks!