Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snakehead on The Potomac

If you have read the posts here about our fly fishing brethren in Singapore, you might have noted that they are fond of catching Snakehead fish on the fly. Well you just might get a chance to catch these invasive mouth breathers a little closer to home. It seems that hundreds of them have made their way into a tributary of the Potomac River in Virginia. As much as we all would like to catch a new kind of hard fighting fish on our fly rods, this incursion into our waters is a very bad thing and could decimate local "native" fish populations. If my geography is correct the Potomac River does run through Washington, DC. I wonder, could it be possible.....Snakehead and Politicians in DC? Has anyone seen James Carville?


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Don't fear the snakehead, just grab your fly rods, catch them and eat them as well!

These are great eating fishes. Just becareful of their teeth when you remove your fly :)

Fly fisho from Singapore

Murdock said...

So, does anyone out there have a good recipe for snakehead? Perhaps Grilled Snakehead with Lemon Butter? I must visit Singapore someday!